Saturday, May 24, 2008

Goofy Olivia

Olivia has a pet crocodile- this is him. He doesn't have a name, but he sits on her lap so she can "pet him". She was terrified of this toy when she was little, but since we dragged out our baby toys- she fell in love with him.
Also, Olivia is quite the fashion maven. You'll see she has her jean dress on, a jacket, a hat, her backpack, her white tights, and of course- her "rubber rubbers". She walked around the house saying, "model, model, model" and telling me she was ready for school!

One day, she will probably hate me for taking this picture, along with several others. When I would pump milk for Jackson, she insisted on helping me. So on this particular morning, she grabbed one of the parts and was trying to pump while watching Mickey Mouse. Every time I had to pump, she'd drop what she was doing and would help me out. What a great helper. :)

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allena said...

LOL!! That picture with the pump cracks me up soooo much!! But I know what you mean. Zane always wanted to help me out for the short amount of time that I did it... and you want them to be involved with all aspects of the baby, so it's not like I'm gonna turn him away... anyway, he never mimicked me... but I guess that's a good thing! haha