Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jump, Jump, Jumparoo!!

Well I have LOTS to post here, so let's start with the Jumperoo pictures! We hauled the Jumperoo in from the garage like two weeks ago. The first day, not so much fun. But since then- it's Jackson's favorite place to be! He squeals so loud when he's in there and jumps like crazy!!

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allena said...

omg omg omg!! What would we have done without the Jump-a-Roo?? I swear, I have so many pics of Gage in that thing because that would be one of the ONLY sure-fire ways to get him to stop crying, so he was always in it! He would bounce like a madman in that thing! I even have a pic of him where he bounced himself to sleep. Honestly, we very recently stopped putting him in it. He looked dangerously close to hitting the sides- he would jump so hard! Look at Jackson though... so happy!! They love those things!