Friday, July 18, 2008

Just some updates..

Hi everyone. So I changed my music around for some variety. These are my favorites that I listen to all of the time right now. Not as eclectic as usual, but that's ok. :) If you've ever watched the movie "Meet the Robinson's" with your kids you'll recognize the first song. Ironically, I heard that song before I seen the movie. The first time I heard it was last summer when I was making some big life decisions and for some reason- that came on my radio and it just really floored me. Great song- so when I hear it I think of where I was. Strange, huh?

So tomorrow we go on our mini-vacation to the zoo and stuff. In the end, we decided to do the Mall of America on Sunday and as a bonus- Dora and Diego will be there, so Olivia gets to meet them. :) So that will be fun, AND I get to sneak a trip to Archivers!!!! I am SO excited about that. I should get lots of fun pictures of the weekend, so I'll share as soon as I can.

Speaking of pictures, I have tons to scrapbook soon. I am going to be starting the Baby's 1st year albums for our parents with Jack's pictures. It'll be a Xmas gift eventually just as I did with Olivia. Then I have to work on Jack's baby book- coming along very nicely. I have some new stuff for our family book, so that's like low priority. :) And I decided I am going to make a scrapbook of my favorite songs. Not just the stuff I'm into right now, but all of the songs that have some meaning to me. I have a TON and I discovered a ton more when I found my other cd book with the 1500 cd's I thought I lost. I cried- it was like the best thing ever to find my old cd's. And while they aren't major old, they are some of the first ones I ever got. Smashing Pumpkins- Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness- LOVE IT. My EverClear, Garbage, Matchbox 20, etc. etc. etc.. got there's tons in there. I remember when I worked at DQ (my first job) my paycheck would be like $300/every other week and I'd blow all but $40 (gas money) on cd's. That's how I got so many. My collection HAS to be close to 2500 by now. I obviously don't buy many anymore, but if I had money I have an enormous "wish list". :) I'm not the iTune freak all of my friends are, I much prefer buying an entire disc and finding unreleased gems on it. :)

OK- enough about that. So I have that to do and tonight I have to pack for the trip. YUCK!! I got the diaper bag done, the bag with the kids' clothes/blankets done, and the toy bag partly done. I just need something for Olivia to entertain herself with. We'll be busy, but the down time at the hotel is going to be the killer. But she has a color book/crayon travel set that she can bring, and then she can bring one toy. I have her fav books picked out so that's easy. Then I have to get the snacks ready. We aren't buying juice/crackers/etc down there- they scalp you on prices. So I'm bringing snacks for her scheduled snack time and will be bringing a big cup to refill with water. Matt is charging the laptop up so they can watch a movie if needed so that will be nice. I am SO excited to go I can barely stand it. It's just a weekend and we're only 3 hours from home, but it's a big deal since we don't go anywhere ever! But it's going to be nice and we have enough cash to pay for everything- even better. :)

OK- back to cleaning the house since I won't get to it this weekend. More later/sara

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