Monday, July 21, 2008

Vacation Review

Here are some pictures from our really fun mini-vacation weekend:

First up was the Carousel at Como Zoo. This is a REAL carousel that used to be at the Minnesota State Fair. We've been on it before and Olivia loved it. This was the first time she actually rode on a horse though. It started off good...

then it got bad.. Olivia wanted off the horse ASAP, but Matt had her sit there because you aren't supposed to move once it's moving. So here's what I got when I asked her to smile at the end:

So then after the carousel we went over to Como Zoo which was busy as hell. We had to not only park 15 minutes away and walk through a very steep bike path, but then it was so full of people to boot. But we ate lunch as soon as we got there because it was 12:30 and we were all super hungry from the drive down. Here's Olivia in front of flamingos. She kept saying that they smell bad and they need lotion. Several people around us thought this was funny and all I wanted was a good picture. And of course- Jackson could care less- he was just happy to be out of his car seat.

Another favorite animal was the zebra, which Olivia was Marty. If you've seen Madagascar, then you know who Marty is. She was pretty upset he had no friends, so we had to tell her that his friends were napping.

This is us, at the end of the zoo looking (and feeling) exhausted. We walked for 4 hours at the zoo and then realized our 15 minute walk to the van was all up hill. Yah- we were EXHAUSTED by the time we got there.
So then we went to the hotel. Kids missed their nap, but luckily didn't have meltdowns. They both went to bed early. I slept awful between Matt's snoring and Olivia insisting on sleeping on top of me "to cuddle". Matt didn't do much better because I kept telling him to shut up, which would then wake him, and then feeding Jackson. Jack woke up every 3 hours to eat since he hardly ate anything all day, and then kept puking on Matt. It was rough on everyone except Olivia. But here's a cute pic of them in the morning while we were getting ready:
So then on Sunday we went to the Mall of America. We had big plans and got to do them all! First stop was the Underwater Adventures aquarium. That is always really fun. We got there at 10:15 and they open at 10, and there was already a 45 minute wait for tickets!! But while we waited, Olivia got to meet the shark. She wanted to keep him of course.

Olivia absolutely loved the turtles, and they had a lot of different kinds, sizes, etc.

Me and Livi in front of a cool waterfall thing.

Here's Jack being cute as we wait at Build a Bear. Sorry it's sideways- I couldn't figure out how to rotate it in here.

Olivia got to meet Blue from Blue's Clues. She kept saying, "I like your show" and then since it's just a person earning minimum wage to wear a horribly hot costume, she got no response and then tells me that Blue was broken. Bless her little heart. :)

THEN, she got to meet Dora and Diego! She was hugging them like crazy!

So that was our trip. We also swam at the hotel pool, but that was on a disposable camera, so when I get those back I'll post anything that came out good. The lighting was weird in there, so we'll see what we get back. The car ride home was long, but there wasn't much traffic, so we got home in 3 1/2 hours, which included a 40 minutes stop in White Bear Lake to feed Jackson (again).

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scrapperjen said...

WOW! How fun! Wonderful pictures - I can't believe how big the kids are getting.