Monday, August 11, 2008

Jack- 4 months!

Yay! Jack is 4 months old this month! What a big boy.. he's getting some fuzz on his head which you can kind of see. :) Let's see... what can he do now? Well- he squeals and laughs a lot! He is so incredibly loud, he could definitely blow an ear drum! He can almost sit unsupported (he's really close), he can almost roll over without help, he stands all of the time and loves the jumperoo. He holds himself up when on belly (see above), he grabs with one or two hands, shakes and pulls on things. He's incredibly strong, he can tear stuff up. :) He's also teething right now- but he's really good about it. He is a very sweet little boy- just a cutie pie.
There's been some speculation on who he looks like- most definitely me and my family! Which is cool because Olivia really favored Matt but is now gaining more of my facial features. :) Jack really looks like my Uncle David who passed away 6 years ago. As an interesting side note- Jack was going to be named David, but I wanted the boy to have two middle names like Olivia does. So half way through my pregnancy I decided that instead of honoring only one uncle, I would honor all of my uncles AND my Grandpa by giving him Bryer as a second middle name. Bryer is my mom's maiden name, and since the name hasn't been carried down yet, I figured this would be my way of carrying it on. :) Olivia's middle names are Ann Kent- Ann is after me and my mom and Kent is my grandmother's middle name. I always wanted my children's names to have some meaning that I could pass on as a neat story and I think I accomplished that. :)