Monday, September 8, 2008


OK, so Olivia is really loving Barbies right now. I can relate, I had a ton when I was little. I had three cars, a house, tons of accessories, the whole bit- so I am totally splurging on her Barbie cravings because I know how much fun they were. Some of my best memories of childhood are the times I played Barbie.

So for her birthday, my friend Lisa, (who I adore and just love to pieces) gave Olivia her FIRST Ken doll. Not just any Ken doll, the wedding day one. She had gotten the wedding Barbie the week before so of course- Barbie can't get married alone! So Olivia was SO stinking excited about it. She now refers to him as her boyfriend, and Barbie can't play with him. :) LOL. (Here she is when Ken- you'll notice Barbie is laying face down on the floor...)

And when she got her Ken doll, she decided to haul all of her dolls out. I came across this scene in the living room:

Because I'm curious of how her brain works, I ask, "Olivia, what are your Barbies doing?" So Olivia looks at me, deadpan, and says, "being ants mama!". Too funny!!!

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