Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Family Update

Well we don't have much to update yall on, but there are a few things for those who are interested! :)

1. Olivia started her dance/twirl class last Saturday. For being the first day in a new environment with no people (and no mom visible) she did really good. Of course, I hid most of the time but could see her through the mirrors on the wall. :) She's excited about it, and if she continues to like it, we'll keep going. I hope she likes it, not only because I was big into baton for years, but because it's a good outlet to increase self esteem, etc.

2. Jackson is getting SO chubby! He's almost six months and I have to schedule pictures soon (and for Olivia's 3 year). He is starting to babble, mostly "nanana" and some "yayaya". He's also teething but being GREAT about it. He doesn't get fussy too often and just sucks on things and drools a lot. I can handle that- I feel bad when he does cry, I can only imagine how much it hurts!

3. Matt is super close to finishing the siding on the house. He only has a few lines to do. Then we'll deal with the sagging back porch issue. We are undecided what to do, and nothing will officially be done until 2009 sometime, (probably next summer) because the home improvement fund is at $0 for this year! :)

4. I am starting my Christmas cards soon. I know it's early- but it takes me awhile to get my ideas finalized and then to actually make them is another process! If you are interested in homemade Xmas cards (or card sets, photo frames, books, etc) for yourself or for a gift, email me at:! I've been selling these for a few years now and it helps my Xmas fund for the kids' gifts. :)

5. Are you excited for Halloween? Olivia is going to be a white kitty this year, and Jackson is going to wear a Halloween outfit. I can't justify spending $20 on a costume he won't even wear. We're taking the kids to Boo at the Zoo, a Halloween dance/carnival party for the baton studio and Olivia gets to go Trick or Treating. Jackson will stay home with me and hand out candy.

OK- I think that's it. :) I will have some more pictures to post in another day or two- so stay tuned!!


allena said...

OMG, I SO remember you doing baton, now that you brought it up! I went to one of your recital things one time! That's good that you are getting Olivia into something like that so early. If she really gets into it, it'll just be that much more longer that she'll have already been doing it and getting the experience. Oh, and about Halloween costumes, you should totally check out EBAY. I'm selling the boys' from last year and getting different ones this year on there. I'm talking 5-9 bucks for an outfit (including shipping)- not bad. Just a thought. Handing out candy is always good, too, though! I can't wait to see pics of him- i'll bet he IS getting big! PS- thanks for the blog compliment! It's been a LOT of hard work! But totally worth it! : )

Jen Mc said...

How fun! You're busy! Halloween is coming! We're not quite there yet - but almost.

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