Friday, October 3, 2008

Ever been to Superior?

Well if you haven't, you aren't missing a lot. It's not a "must see" in the country! But this post is for my friend who is in Texas, but used to live here. Most of these pictures won't mean anything to any of you, but Allena will know what they are!

It's your old house, pal! The old garage is gone, and they built another one that's like 3x the size, sorry no picture of it!

Our High School! The building itself is still the same, but the grassy field to the left of this picture (can't see it) was where we used to go for outside gym classes, but now it's a parking lot for students. Remember getting ready for Spartan Camp a week before we started our freshman year?? LOL.

OK, so my deep dark secret is that I'm a vandal. :) LOL. Remember vandalizing the tube slide at the park by my mom's house? It's still there!!! LOL! OK, so the glow in the dark glitter paint is gone, but it stained the slide. And as you can see- kids tried to burn the inside of the slide, but our initials survived! S.K (those are my initials) <3's>

Let's see what else reminds me of my first best friend?
1. The song playing on my blog- everytime I hear it I remember walking from Allena's house past the ghetto mall, past the oil refinery to my house which is clear across town. Not to mention, we walked when it was like over 80 degrees wearing big sweatshirts (it was cold when we started) and somewhere along the way, we picked up a hub cap, a 2x4 chunk, some cat tails, and started singing this song. I'm sure cars driving by thought we were nuts, and we probably were!

2. Alternative Nation on MTV. Man, I miss that show! Remember taping the show and transferring songs onto a tape for us?

3. Halloween- We went trick or treating once (was that 9th grade?!) and she went as a witch, I wore my Poms outfit, and I forgot what her brother dressed up as- but it was fun. And freaking cold!!

4. A&W- Her mom would take us out to A&W after her brother's baseball games.

5. Enger Tower- We spent an entire afternoon flying paper airplanes off of Enger Tower once.

6. Canal Park - We picked "agates" from Canal Park and used clear nail polish to make them shinier. I think we went through two bottles of polish before we realized the rocks just soak it up. But at your dad's or Grandma's (can't remember which) we'd JAM OUT to Smashing Pumpkins' "Zero".

7. Smashing Pumpkins/Billy Corgan- Remember we had HUGE crushes on Billy? God, everytime I hear Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness I remember you.

Oh pal. I wish you were still here, but I'm glad that you are happy where you are. I'm bummed we didn't get to spend more time together (which maybe is a good thing... god knows what we would've gotten into!) but maybe one day we can visit each other! You were such a wonderful friend, and you still give me great advice. I'm glad we connected by email after all these years!

Sara the Super Beetle
(Do you remember YOUR nickname?) :) LOL!

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allena said...

OMG OMG OMG!!!! Best blog EVER!!!!! Talk about a trip down memory lane! Holy crap, I can't believe our initials are still on that slide!! Thanks for the pic of my old house! It looks so different! And I will NEVER forget that long-ass walk!! I think I gave that hubcap to my brother eventually. And I DO still think of you every time I hear Santa Monica because of us singing it all the way to your house! God- how did we not DIE on that journey?? Haha! And yeah, I still have those Alternative Nation cassette tapes!! I remember getting so damn excited when a Smashing Pumpkins video would come on! And Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness DEFINITELY reminds me of you! I don't pull it out to listen to it very often, but man, when I do... I'm flooded with memories. And I remember when I was moving out of my mom's house, I found some our paper airplanes that I had kept. They had SABFF written all over them! (Sara & Allena Best Friends Forever) I had TOTALLY forgotten about Sara the Super Beetle, and I actually have no idea what mine was now... how sad when memories escape us. Oh, and by the way, my brother was the Grim Reaper that Halloween! I had found those pictures one day, and now I don't remember where they are... but I would LOVE to find them again and post them! Haha- that would be awesome. In fact, that is my new mission! Do you remember that dance at SSHS we went to right before I moved away? I KNOW I still have pics from that somewhere! OMG, do you remember talking all that sh*t about Robin Jensen (hope she's not your friend now and reading this- haha). Didn't we call her Dorothy because of those shiny red Airwalks she wore all the time or something? And god- we wrote soooo many notes to each other!! I think you even wrote me a "note" notebook one time! Oh geez- this is the longest comment EVER- but anyway, thank you for this blog!! I love it, and I love that we share so many of these memories. We really did have great times together whatever we were doing, and I do wish that we could have continued making great memories through high school. But yeah, I do love it where I am, and I am so happy that we found each other again! I know I'll get to see you again sometime in the future because well- my dad, brother, and dad's side of the family all live up there, and we have been needing to make a trip up there to visit! So- I guarantee you, the next time we are up there, we WILL get together and hang out! I am so glad that you were my first real best friend. I remember that it really helped having you there when my parents divorced- a kid needs a good friend when going through stuff like that. Anyway, again, badass blog! Talk to you soon!!