Monday, October 20, 2008

Jack- Six Months

OK, so MAJOR news in our house is that Jackson is CRAWLING!!! OK, so it's more like dragging himself across the floor, but hte point is that he's mobile and loving it. Olivia was 10 months before she crawled, so my last baby is betting records, averages, etc and as fun as it is to watch him, it's so sad. I'm depressed about it. I want him to stay a baby for awhile!

But since I have no "in motion" pictures of the crawling, I'm going to post a cute one from the park the other day. I just love his adorable happy face. He's always happy, always smiling- and it always brightens my day!

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allena said...

yay! that's great! what a great picture of him. you know, it's kinda funny because my friend -who had her baby jackson around the same time you had your baby jackson- her jackson just started crawling last week. too cute! now that he's gone mobile, you'll really have your hands full!