Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pre-School Baton

So Olivia started baton a few weeks ago. Some of you know that I was really into baton for many years, did lots of competitions, parades, performances, etc. Most of my costumes and trophies are still in my mom's basement- but my beloved baton is at my house. (Olivia and I practice every weekend). She really wanted to do it after she saw the 4th of July parade and I thought it'd be good to get her into some kind of activity with other kids her age, etc. She likes it so far, but she's 3 and doesn't really "get it" yet. Here are some pictures from her first lesson:

Standing in front of the trophies. She kept telling me she "thinks she wants one now". :) Cute!
Showing me her "moves":
This is her with Avery:

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allena said...

Aww... she's way too cute! I hope she sticks with it! Soon, she WILL be getting her own trophies! : )