Sunday, December 28, 2008

Olivia's Holidazzle Recital

Olivia had her first baton recital about two weekends ago. We only had limited tickets, so not everyone could come, so that was a bummer. But it was so fun to watch her do her "moves". Here she is before the rehearsal with her friend Avery. How cute do they look?

I watched her dress rehearsal, and right before I told her to smile big just like Britney (she's in a Britney Spears infatuation phase). Well, she just stood in one spot- smiling from ear to ear the ENTIRE time. :) Here she is before the music started. I have nothing of her smiling because I was laughing so hard that everything came out blurry!!

So after that we went back stage to wait our turn, and I talked to her about actually doing her moves, etc. So finally- it was her turn on the big stage. She basically stood there again. But instead of smiling, she chewed on her baton. BUT, she did remember to skip in a circle at the appropriate time. :) Here she is leading the skip line..

and here she is after skipping- she's in her own line in the front, chewing on the baton. :)

We have the first big show under our belt. Her next recital is June 12th (which is also my anniversary- should be a fun night). She'll have her first real twirler costume and some more lessons under her belt.

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