Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jackson's Birthday Party Card

I am just a scrapping fool today! :) I've got my first sketch challenge done AND the party invitations for Jackson's birthday. I had an idea for his card, and although the finished product isn't exactly what I thought of, it's still pretty cute. :)

See I really wanted to have "Jack is" on top of the boy stamp, but as you can see- there just wasn't enough room. I also wish I would have put some ribbon on the tag, but again, didn't think of it until later. Oh well. It's only his 1st birthday, it's not like the invitation has to be award winning. :) LOL! I even pulled out my heat embossing stuff! Oh how I've missed it. I go in phases where I love it, use it all of the time, and then I have another long stretch where I neglect those supplies.

OK- on to the invitations for the scrapbook party!

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Sheryl said...

Love the card Sara!!! It does not need any ribbon!