Sunday, February 15, 2009

Potty Game

Despite having a pretty full weekend I made myself make time to make the Potty Game. We're definitely in need of it. TWO poop accidents this weekend from Olivia, and now she's clever enough to hide the evidence (a.k.a. panties with poop in them) in her room. Luckily- the smell leads you right to them. We'll see how this works, but it's worth a shot.

I started with cardstock as the game board, velcro circles, stickers, and some kind of paper punch. (Turn your head since Blogger is being stinky tonight)
Originially I was going to use a ruler to make the grid and figured that's nuts. I just did it in WORD (email me if you want the template) and coincidentally- it would make a fabulous BINGO board. I put a Velco circle in each spot on the grid.

I also wrote in prizes in every few squares as incentive. Two of them are ice cream treat, one is a Barbie toy, two or them are staying up either 30 or 60 minutes later, one is Dairy Queen date with no brother, and the one in the last square is a choice between a new movie (buy one) or going to see a movie at theatre (with popcorn). She seemed pretty happy.

Then I punched out 30 circles (I used circles because it's the first punch I found), using different colors of scrap cardstock. I put a reward sticker on each circle (you know, the ones that say "Dino-Mite!", etc). The back of each circle got a piece of Velcro, too.
So here is the finished project on my still in progress bulletin board:

Look- we have one circle on it already!! :)


Latharia said...

Love it ... and hopefully that'll lead to fewer easily-found-but-stinky-panties! :D

Sheryl said...

Sara...this is so clever!!! Love the idea and I love your still in progress bulletin board!! I definitely need one of those in my office!!!

Anonymous said...

That's a nice looking potty game! You went all out.