Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fun Pictures

Here are some fun stupid pictures I took tonight. We're a fun stupid family that does fun stupid things on a nightly basis. Tonight we had a party in the bathtub. Well, only Jackson and Olivia did- but fun was had by all. :)
I had another funny picture of Jack to post, but you can see his pee pee and I don't want to get reported by some crazy person. He's figured out how to play with himself and tries to pull it off. Olivia keeps asking when his is going to fall off and quite honestly- the "it's not going to" answer does not make her happy. She says it's weird to have floppy parts. Agreed.

Another funny tidbit from Olivia was the hysterics that ensued when she found out she had a hole in her butt. I guess I can see how this can be scary but since we've gone through the "why is there a hole in the front" thing- I thought the butt hole would be a non-issue. She's very afraid stuff is going to fall out. I decided to not traumatize her and explain that's where the poop comes from because she's totally potty trained and I do not want another regression!!

Oh- I totally forgot. So most of you might know how scared Olivia is of bugs. Can't blame her- they are pretty gross but even I can handle ladybugs. Unless they fly near by face, then all bets are off. Well today she saw a ladybug on the cupboard and was trying to poke it. I told her to just touch it, but Jackson saw it. The bug fell to the ground and Olivia promptly asks, "Where is it?" and I said, trying to be funny, "Oh! It's on your back!" She FREAKED OUT!!!! She started running, crying "get it off!!!". I couldn't stop laughing. I know that's probably not the best thing to do but I couldn't help it. After 30 minutes she settled down and forgave me but not before saying, "don't you ever do that again. That was terrible news." :)

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Jen Mc said...

First - happy birthday to Jackson! I can't believe a year already...
Those pictures are adorable!!! I love your hair.
Your stories are hilarious!
Have a great weekend!