Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jackson Turns One

Well he doesn't officially turn one until this Saturday, but we celebrated with a fun party last Saturday. He actually did really well and Olivia was so awesome- I could not have asked for a better day! Here are some fun pictures recapping his big day:
Jackson getting his cake- after Matt accidentally snapped the hat elastic on his chin. You'll notice the hat is nowhere in this picture.

After the cake:


So since you can't see everything here, Jackson got a new outfit, some Elmo books, Elmo cups, cars and car toys, puzzles, a train, and this cool ride on turtle. He had a really good time and all of the kids had fun with balloons and just running around. Olivia was so excited to help Jackson out with the tearing stuff open and was THRILLED that Jackson really liked the sound Elmo books she picked out for him. He squealed and she just had this totally happy look on her face. :) Adorable.
OK- so he's one now which means my baby is growing up. It's pretty bittersweet since although I'm thrilled that the projectile vomiting and explosive poops are for the most part over I'm sad that the "baby" stage is over, too. I can't say I'm glad the sleepless nights are gone because as we all know I'm not the one doing the waking up at 1 am, that's always been Matt (and will be if by miracle he gives the OK for baby #3- don't hold your breath folks). Thank god he can function on little to no sleep because I can't. :) But it is fun to have both kids mobile and growing up because I'm really looking forward to the horrible road trips with everyone screaming. Our family will be, I'm just sure of it, the family on all of the National Lampoon movies. Seriously- that is our family. Except I think the mom & dad roles are reversed since I'm usually the upbeat, positive person in the family where Matt is a grump about everything.
Well anywho. Jackson is one. Olivia is going to be four in September. I'm 27 this year. Matt is staring down 29 in August. 30 is playing chicken with us and we aren't ready for it.

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