Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Pictures, Updates

Hey yall! I know- I've neglected you, but I can't say that I'm sorry. I've just been busy. I've also been pissing and moaning about life in general and nobody wants to hear that. I've avoided you for your own sanity. You can thank me later.
So here's the updates from the fam:
1. Jackson is one. I believe we have discussed this in length. I'm still depressed about it. My mom said he's a combination of my twin uncles Danny and David- which means he's a monster, but at least he is being cute about it. That might count for something someday.

2. We had 3 days of semi-summer. Yup, that's it. Usually about this time I like to say it's about to get hot up in this bitch, but this year I'm not so sure. It's a sick game Mother Nature is playing and I'm not happy. Here's proof that the sun still exists.

Here's Jackson before he ate the chalk. Lots of colored puke and poop happened later:

Olivia being cute as usual:

3. We went to Splashland in Ashland with some friends, had a great time. I don't get to visit with Tammy as much as I would like to. Plus, Kennedy is 5. Seriously- I'm aging here and that's sad. And at 5, Kennedy is half my height. Which is even worse I think. Not only am I aging, but I feel as if I'm shrinking. Oh, and Olivia pooped in the pool. No joke. She came out of the pool, holding her butt, dripping the entire way. Disgusting. Luckily, Matt was on bodily fluid patrol that weekend, as he is pretty much anytime someone's fluids get out of hand. It's kind of nice. I can sit there and act like these people aren't with me.

Olivia and Jackson playing with goggles they stole. Seriously. Jacksons tears on demand helped them get away with the crime.

4. Jackson learned how to take off his diaper and run. Sorry folks, no pictures of that for obvious reasons.

5. I have been crafty lately although you would never know it since my lazy ass hasn't been on here posting anything. I also haven't taken pictures of everything, but you know what- it's my blog, I'm in charge of this joint and that's how I roll.
Congratulations card for my card group:
6. Olivia is also so constipated I'm preparing myself to do suppositories tonight. Yuck. Seriously- nowhere in the "Mom To Be Manual" did it discuss suppositories, enemas or rectal thermometers. I firmly believe that had those been in there I would have negotiated a better salary. Motherhood has a false advertisement if you ask me. Not to mention Jackson's boogers which are thick enough to be caulking.
Olivia and her full of poop tummy.
So that's it folks. Have a great week, perhaps I'll have more exciting news about poop and puke this weekend...

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Jen Mc said...

Oh my! First, I can't believe how big they're getting and how adorable they are! :) Second, love the card - way to go Miss Crafty.
Have a great weekend - Happy Mother's Day!