Sunday, May 24, 2009

Updated Kid Pictures

I figured since my kids are still being incredibly cute, I'd post some recent pictures of them for those of you who are keeping tabs on their cuteness. :)
Olivia & Mommy
Jackson in his summer gear. LOVE the sandals! :)
Chef Olivia and her Sous Chef Old Lady Bear

Jackson enjoying his Elmo Cherry Applesauce

Olivia enjoying her Push Up

Jackson eating dandelions again- and guess what? When you eat dandelions- they come out whole in your poop. Lovely find at 5 a.m.
So there are the most recent of my kiddos! Aren't they totally adorable? :) The last picture of Jackson is really great- because he looks EXACTLY like my brother. I just think it's so cute. At least if he follows Travis's footsteps, he'll be a lot taller than me, muscular, and very handsome. We may have a problem with the girls coming over! And how beautiful is Olivia? She is going to be just gorgeous when she gets older. And smart as a whip. She is super sassy, which can really get to you after awhile, but my mom says she's just like me. Which is great for her, because I'm perfect so that'll work out. :P

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