Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Update

No, I have not sold my children for those who have asked wondering where the new pictures are. I'm working on it. I want you to also know that I got really sunburnt on Friday while doing a yard sale with my mom. I, of course, wore a blue wife beater because I knew it'd be hot and I'd be outside. It also should be mentioned that I failed to put on sunscreen (OK- although I am from FL and know damn well what the sun can do every year I must burn myself so severely to job my memory- it's tradition). Guess what? I'm so sunburnt on my shoulders/chest/top back that I am blistering. Please try to save your "I told you so's" for later, k? I can't get dressed by myself and I hope Matt is taking great joy in this because when he's old and senile, I'll make sure his lucid moments are bad. Real bad. The cackling as I'm trying to sleep but am crying in pain is just not ok. How we stay married I really don't know.

I also have been really sick with some ridiculous version of a summer flu; however, the not eating for a week has really jump started my diet. Yay! I also have close to nothing for an appetite even still so we'll see if we can keep that. I guess that's the bonus for puking, huh? Oh- sorry for the person who lives on the corner of 58th and Banks- I am the one who puked in your lilac bush. Sorry- it was that or puke on myself and I didn't want to ruin my khakis shorts that FINALLY fit. Think of it as fertilizer.

More is coming- stay tuned!

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Jen Mc said...

I hope you're feeling better and that your sunburn heals quickly. (Told you so... :))