Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's Summer Lambs!

Despite the fact that we are being all broke and ghetto and not doing anything this summer, we're still having fun. We're saving our coins (literally) for our trip to Florida in October,which means we are going to be kicking ourselves in the asses come January when we're living it up in -40 weather and thinking of the days it was actually nice outside in the summer. Enough with feeling sorry for ourselves...

Yesterday we had a FABULOUS visit from Matt's cousin Eric and his wife Kathy, with their super awesome and fun kids, Sarah, Jacob, and Hannah. I could literally eat Hannah she is so cute and took to Olivia right away. Jackson loves girls, so he was all over her and batted his blue eyes at Sarah. Adorable. And Jacob didn't know quite what to think of me, but when I totally encouraged jumping around like a monkey and throwing balls- I think I became his favorite 2nd cousin?? What are we?? I don't know- which is why you'll never find a family tree in my house lambs! Anyways, so after a great BBQ lunch and lots of visiting, we all went onto the North Shore Scenic Railroad train and did the Lester River run, which is like an hour or so total. The kids thought it was great to be on an authentic train and I had a great time visiting with Kathy.

OK- so here are the pics..

Jackson with sticky smore fingers eating grass.

Hannah, Sarah, and Olivia

All of the kids being monkeys and throwing balls.

And because I'm going to get asked- the thing they are playing in is a blow up jumpy ball pit we got at Target. We had the balls from a different ball pit that popped when our cat Lenny wanted to play. But this is really light so we have to put it in the garage every night otherwise it'll blow away. :) But the kids had so much fun playing with it, so it was definitely worthe the $30 we paid.
I really cannot wait to find the time and money to make a trip down their way because the kids all played great together and Olivia wants to be like Sarah. I had to hear about how great Sarah is all night, and so far, all morning today. :) Which is great!

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Anonymous said...

So glad you had a nice visit! That Hannah! I know. Adorable.