Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Reading List- pt. 2

I'm working on my summer reading list, which is going slower than anticipated since I keep adding books to it! Here is the list so far and I've italicized what I've already read:

Wuthering Heights- Emily Bronte
East of Eden-John Steinbeck-(requested @ library)
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle- David Wroblewski (requested@ library)
Beautiful Lies- Lisa Unger
The Sound & The Fury- William Faulkner
Love In the Time of Cholera- Gabriel Garcia Marquez
The Next Thing On My List- Jill Smolinski
Pride & Prejudice- Jane Austen
Brights Lights, Big Ass- Jen Lancaster
Such a Pretty Fat- Jen Lancaster
Bitter Is The New Black- Jen Lancaster
Sookie Stackhouse Series- (half way through!)
Me Talk Pretty One Day- David Sedaris (started)
The Friday Night Knitting Club- Kate Jacobs

I won't even put on here the HUGE list I have going in my notebook. You see, everytime someone mentions a good book- I put it on my "someday" list which is now a notebook. I am going through books like water at this point. This last week I read 5 of the Sookie Stackhouse Series (which spurred the TrueBlood series on HBO- reviews on that later) and started my David Sedaris book. Well since Target is being slow on restocking shelves, I can't get to the other Sookie books, so now I've reserved two at the library to hopefully fill the gap. I have to admit, I'm skerred about the classics- they are probably huge and full of big words or crazy language. Do we have to relive the Wuthering Heights debacle?? I hope not.

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