Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm A Winner, Elena's A Winner, and The Rest Of You Wish You Were A Winner

So yes! Let's talk about some fun winnerish type stuff because really? I'm all about winning. Except that I don't do it much so when it happens I invite you to drink up. And because I don't drink, that means you can have two. At least.

Big THANKS to my kindred blogger buddy Ann, who has pronounced me a winner. Oh yes, she has a fabulous weekly blog candy thing going on, so if you aren't a loser- you should go check it out because she makes FANTABULOUS (and it should be noted here that "fantabulous" is definitely my word so don't be hatin yo') cards. If you want the deets on her blog candy giveway you must go here . And to be even cooler- she put up a link to my blog- so MAYBE I'll get some cool kids over here. Not that yall aren't cool, but come on- you can't have too many cool kids in one space.

AND, since Elena was the big winner of my "Be A Follower" contest, I'm just now getting around to mailing her package. I know- I'm such a fucking loser. I swear to you, it's been done, it's been packaged, and it's been lounging on my dining room table since. Ugh. But you know what? It's going in the mail TOMORROW because I'm making Matt do it. I figure it has a better chance of getting mailed if I make him do it. So what did she win? (Elena, close your eyes!) Well here it is:

I want you to know I was thisclose to keeping the frame because I have a pic that matches it perfectly. But I didn't- it's in the mail because I'm a giver like that.

OK- so check back tomorrow to read and see Matt's inexplicable back porch destruction for absolutely no reason. Till then- night lambs!

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