Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random Bits & Baubles..Happenings..What Have You..

Hey yall! (Don't I totally sound like Paula Deen here?? I love her!) Anyways- not much happening this week. OK- that is a flat out lie but not much that I have to post anyways.

But let's recap some stuff I totally forgot to post about like last week:

1. My NEW Haircut! Yes- I got my hair cut. OK, so it was a trim up of what I had but I've done this 4 times now and I totally and completely love it. Why? Um...because I do NOTHING to it. Like I roll out of bed and it looks fan-fucking-tastic messy. If I feel like I really wanna do something, I can mash it up more. OR, I can flatten it and be all professional looking and shit. Not that I'm into that. I much prefer mashy and much easier.

Side View..longer in front/shorter in back. And yes- my hair is natually that color and wavy.
Front and Fabulous (And Kate N- totally wearing my Urban Decay eyeliner...did I do it right??)

And hey- isn't my shower curtain nice? Random sidebar there. :)

OK, so the 5K Training is still happening, I will post on that later this week/weekend when I post (GASP!!!!) pictures of me on a scale. YES! I will show you the for real number, and now I'm thinking of (seriously...someone stop me..) taking measurements. I'm going to lose weight if it kills me and let's be honest it probably will. I'm so unfit and out of shape I'm absolutely shameless. SO..I'm hoping by posting these horribly embarrassing numbers that you all will shame me publicly into losing weight. Think of it like a flogging. I'm ready yall!

Oh yeah- and driving home from work today I saw this baby:
Is it strange that this beauty was parked outside the State Public Defender office??

How freaking fun would THIS be to travel to Florida in?? Matt would literally kill himself if I brought something like this home. But we're traveling to Florida (and back, god willing) in October with 4 adults and two kids (4 and 18 months) in a minivan. It's been suggested that I get some kind of web cam for the dashboard which Nikki says could be called a "Crazy Car Cam" and I think that is a FABULOUS idea. BUT, we're broke, don't own a camera so I have no idea how I would pull that off. But nothing says entertainment like a husband/wife screaming at each other about whether or not the GPS is right (I say it is..and hey- I'm usually right. Coincidence??), two kids screaming at each other for breathing, and god only knows what might happen. Oh yes, this will be the road trip from hell most assuredly but god dammit- NOBODY is ruining my vacation. I will dump your asses at a roadside stand. Please believe that.

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Jen Mc said...

I LOVE your new 'do. That is freaking adorable - you look HOT!!!! ;)
Driving to REALLY don't want me to relay our driving trip to Florida....or DO you?