Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SoapBox Edition: Why My Library Sucks

Have you ever gotten really excited over hearing about a new book and thinking "YES!! Another fabulous read to be distracted by and forget that I have mounds of clothing to be washed!"? Well I had such a day.

And when I got home the first thing I did was get on my computer, log into the website for the Northern Waters Library System for WI and start reserving books. Oh, but my glory was totally squashed when the library didn't have any and I mean ANY OF THE 15 BOOKS I tried to reserve. Really? Not one library in the entire state has these books? These are bestsellers- very exciting things, getting rave reviews. Bastards. Absolute bastards.

*Good News*
I was able to reserve a few and when they come I'll be all happy and excited. So here's what has been reserved:

1. The Shell Seekers- Rosamunde Pilcher (I'm not super excited about this- the cover was kind of blah)
2. At Least In The City Someone Would Hear Me Scream- Wade Rouse (the title alone makes me happy)
3. Knit Two- Kate Jacobs (the sequel to Friday Night Knitting Club, I'm VERY excited to read this one!)
4. Second Hand- Michael Zadoorian (another book by the guy who wrote The Leisure Seeker- I am very excited to read this- I hope the library gets this one first)
5. Hope In A Jar- Beth Harbison (I have no idea what it is about but I hope it's not a loser book)


Sara said...

What state are you in?! I'm continuously amazed at our library system. OPLIN is wonderful. Have fun reading!

Jen Mc said...

I hope you get a couple of those in soon.
Sorry for your library woes! :(