Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dear Jennifer/Blog Contest- WINNER/New Header

So I had some really fun pictures to post on how I drew the winner. Actually, my daughter Olivia drew the winner, but Jackson ate the piece of paper, so through process of elimination, I had to figure out who no longer had a piece of paper. I'm sure if I waited a few days it'd come out in a diaper, but nobody really wants to see that, right? No, I don't either. Anywho- I accidentally deleted all of the pics off my camera. I pushed a new button when I thought, "Hey- I wonder what this does.." Yeah- well it deletes your memory card. What kind of fucking moron thought THAT would be a useful feature? Should be shot.

So the winner..without any delay is...


OK- so that's even more funny that it was her paper that go eaten and is in the process of turning into poop. (Cross it off your list, Jera!)

So the book that I am almost done reading is "The Motel Life". It's kind of sad, but interesting. I think the good parts are coming up shortly- so I will finish that baby up tonight so I can mail it Tuesday. So email me at with you mailing address so I can get those goodies out to you.

And stay tuned...because those who are aren't total losers. I am going to give away ANOTHER book from my fabulous freebie present. Once I finish reading it, of course. :)

For those of you who are awesome, you may notice that I have a new header. Because I am not in any way talented enough to do this on my own- (and let's face it...I can't even change my damn background without losing all my widgets), I had someone do it. OK, so that's not really what happened. I was actually a loser on Nikolett's blog: Better Than Coffee. And because I was a loser, she made me and a few others winners. I think she actually felt sorry for us, but I am not about to pass up free awesomeness yo. So THANK YOU Nikolett- you did an amazing job with very little imput from me because yeah, you rawk like that. AND...because you are awesome, and I don't feel sorry for me with YOUR mailing address and I'll mail you some goodies! :)


It's Just Me said...

such a honor and a surprise. i would like to thank all the little people that help make this award possible, gosh there are so many i am afraid i will leave one out... my mom for giving me strength, toshiba for the laptop, blogspot for the space, the little lady at the BP gas station that starts my day off right with breakfast and coffee every morning.

Sony said...

Thank you for that heartfelt advice. I am slowly adjusting my lifestyle.. Btw, we are both Piscee!! ;)