Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Friday...and Labor Day Weekend

Hey yall! OK, so this weekend I am up to my eyeballs in non stop things going on. Here's what is on the menu:

Saturday: Olivia's birthday party (my baby is turning 4....I'll probably cry. No, I will most definitely cry.) (and her actual birthday is on Sunday so yah...will probably cry then too) And once again, I am not at all ready for her party which has now been switched to my house (long story) and so I am in the throes of major cleaning. Ugh. I have this weird compulsion to just clean until my fingers are raw if I know people are coming and I have to make sure my house looks and smells good. Which is why I'm going out to buy new pillows for the couch. yah- because these ones aren't as nice anymore and yah- I'm a freak. What can I say. This also means I'll be a cooking fool tonight getting food ready so I don't have to do it tomorrow.

Sunday: Clean up from the party (because you KNOW that I'm not cleaning after) and then I have to pack for all 4 of us to drive down to Minneapolis/St. Paul. Despite suggestions from Matt's family- we are leaving after lunch so the kids can sleep in the car because I refuse to deal with crabbiness from two kids while down there. They don't do well in new places and since we'll be sleeping in a hotel, I want to tire their asses out so I don't have to hear them complain about not having their own beds. Plus, not looking forward to sharing a bed with Olivia because she rolls around (a lot) and I usually get kicked in the head repeatedly.

Monday: No work, yay!! BUT, we're going to Como Zoo in St. Paul, visiting with Matt's family and again, leaving around nap time so we can get home at a decent time. BECAUSE, I have to work on Tuesday, so I have to clean, do laundry, cook, and make lunches for Tuesday and I would like to get some sleep at a decent hour because I know damn well I'll get very little on Sunday night.

Things I would like to happen:
  • I would like Matt to come home with a pleasant attitude. If I have to deal with him being an asshole for one more weekend- blood will be shed.
  • I would really like if (please, please, please) Olivia continue on her accident-free streak because I REALLY am sick of cleaning out underwear she has pissed and shit in. She's 4...I am out of patience.
  • If Lenny could just go ahead and stop puking everywhere and then eating random things, that would be swell. Because I just cleaned the mother fucking floors and I am not doing it again. Guests be damned.
  • If it rains tomorrow and I have to have 20+ people in my house- I. WILL. LOSE. IT.
  • I have to go to Walmart today which means I'm hob-nobbing with the white trash, no jobs/living on public assistance for no real reason aside from laziness, obnoxious folk that live in this dump of a town. Ugh. I'm dreading it. You know what? Fuck it- I'm going to Target. At least there it's clean and I don't have to worry about my shoes sticking to the floor and wondering what the fuck is sticky on the floor. Gross.

OH!!! In what is being labeled as a bitch slap in the face from Mother Nature, the leaves on trees are already turning here. I know- it's like really? Are you that fucking hateful of summer that you must bring on fall and then winter immediately?? Anyways. SO, since I know a lot of people live in areas that don't have the freakish weather we do, thus resulting in colored leaves- if you want must email me at: . I will collect leaves when we go to Gooseberry Falls next weekend (a little trip Matt knows nothing about and he won't until last minute so I don't have to hear his complaining for a week). I do this for other people so if you want leaves- let me know. I'll mail them to you all flat and in wax paper and you can either tell people you have a fantastic blog buddy or flat out lie and say you went to Minnesota/Wisconsin to get them yourself. Your call. I won't judge you.


vandy said...

nice blog

& happy birthday to ur baby ;)

Bylinda and James said...

We hope your party went well! Happy Birthday to your little girl! Can't wait to read all about it!

Latharia said...

Thanks for your hot tips regarding the apple tree. Love reading your post for the weekend. Absolutely cracked me up. Hope things turned out just the way you wanted them (but won't be terribly stunned if they didn't!). :D

Sony said...

I love falling leaves... but it's okay. I'll wait on that! ;)