Monday, October 5, 2009

My New Hair, Jackson's New Hair...all very traumatizing.

So I'm going to start off with the killing of Jackson's babyhood, a.k.a. his first haircut. Now for those of you who have met Jackson you will recall he has very blond hair (much like my brother and I when we were still living in Florida) and it's kind of curly in the back. Adorable. My baby could have been a Gerber baby. Especially with his big blue eyes...ok. So back to the haircut. He's 18 months (as of yesterday yall...holy shit!) and I was basically bullied about his mullet. And I am not ashamed that my baby had a mullet. He is damn cute and can totally rock the mullet. But it was getting in his eyes. So I decided that Saturday was the day- his first haircut. I figured I was going to cry and needed backup. I actually planned that Jackson would fight and scream and I just can't hold my kids down. I can't. I'm a pussy mother. Sorry.

We took his to Great Clips because I *heard* first haircuts are free. Well they aren't. They are $10 without a tip. Bastards.


Let's just say here before I show you the "after" picture that I cried. I thought I could handle it because he was being really good on Matt's lap and the lady was awesome and I think the 4 Dum-Dum suckers helped...but when I saw how much hair was coming off, and then the pile of curls on the floor...I cried. :(

AFTER...he freaking aged with a haircut. He finished crying because I gave him the sucker back..which is why his face is all blotchy.

So then on to me. I struggle with my hair. My #1 problem is absolute laziness. The #2 problem is not being good at styling and dealing with my hair. My hair is really thick, naturally wavy, curls on it's own and is basically shit brown since we have like no sunlight here. I have had hair long (mid-back) to hair super short (pixie cut ala Halle Berry when she won her first Oscar). I like them all for different reasons...but pixie cut was super cute on me. So on Saturday I decided fuck it- I'm cutting my hair. I need low maintenance. And fuck it- I'll color it. GASP!! I know..I said color. So I do have it on my 30/30 list... so why not.


Do I love it? Not really. The cut isn't exactly what I gave her (I had a picture of what I wanted). And granted, she sucks at styling it, so I may be able to do a better job- but this is my hair after work. I think I will grow it out more, let the front section be long, and shorten it up as it goes to the back. Make sense? No? Yah I know, I don't get it either...but I have a vision. And a dream is all you really need, right? But I am going to for sure dye my entire head a blond color. Fuck the highlights. I like those..they are nice..and they blend well in my hair. But damn...I think I need more dramatics. You know me- all about the drama.


So what do you think?? Give it a few days and I'll probably post another picture once I figure out what the fuck to do with it.


Steph said...

Very cute! Looks great!

Mama Kayla said...

lol you're hilarious.

I like BOTH haircuts. Little Jackson definitely looks older. :-(

And you look nice!

Kandace said...

Hey, saw you on 20sb. I really like your haircut! At least in those pictures, it slims your face. It's really nice. But you should definately post more pictures in a few days when you see what it Really looks like when You take care of it. :) I know for me it always looks different after I get ahold of it.

Zaufishan said...

It's fiiiiiiine. Loverly, like a cutesy cute bowl of cuteness. ^_^

brannon said...

Ah, first haircuts. I'm sure it's normal to get all emotional (both you and the baby). It's almost kind of sweet.

I think both haircuts look nice. I do understand the frustration 'cause I can't ever do anything with my hair and no one ever knows how to cut it so I'm always at a loss. The good thing is it grows back. Well, mine not so much anymore but you've still got a lot of years of growth ahead! Good luck with getting it how you want it!

Rachel said...

Hi! Stopping in from 20sb.. super cute hair cut for both of you! I love the highlights! My oldest was two before we cut her hair and it was time. She had a curly mullet, which is not a good look with red hair. I think a child shouldn't have so many hair cliches.

Spardha Malik said...

hey, i quite like your cut!!
its drastic.. u'll love it in a few days, i'm sure.

nice cut and nice blog ;)

Jill said...

I luuuuve it! I've always loved your hair short best.

Sara said...

Cute haircut! I like it and the highlights are great too.

First haircuts can be hard. But he looks so handsome!

My little girl gave herself her first haircut. almost a year later and we are still growing out the mullet look. Mullet on a redheaded little girl isn't my ideal. lol

FinnyKnits said...

Oh that is HOT!! I love it!! How frisky and fun!

I can't wait to see all the different ways you do it up.

Great, great cut - and the color looks good. Spicy.

Good for you going ahead with a fun new cut, braving color and getting your son (who's adorable) through his first haircut even though it seemed like maybe you needed the suckers more than he did.


Cristina said...

Hey, I found your blog through the 20sb WeLoveComments Group. I think you both look great! Jackson is a handsome little guy and your cut is super cute!