Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Are My Kids Still Alive?

Jeez- I am realizing that I have posts far and few between of my kids. I'm sure some of you wonder if I even really have kids- but I assure you I do. And I don't have a basement or cellar, or even a really usable garage, to stash them away only to parade them out to show off their cuteness. No, they live in the house with Matt and I. Which could really be good or bad depending on the day and their temperament.
I'm sure you understand.
But dang- my kids are getting bigger which translates to me getting older and possibly my boobs starting to sag. I can't be sure if it's true sagginess or if I just need a new bra. Let's go with bra! and hope I get a very nice Victoria Secret giftcard.

(hint, hint, Matt. GIFT CARD does not mean BUY FOR ME. As much as you maybe wish I was, I am not a 34D. Bless your heart. Up that by 4 inches and in some cases another cup size and there you go. Sorry. I'll do better on the diet bit next year. Maybe.)
So let's start with Halloween. My kids had a blast and although it was so cold that according to Matt- your balls could fall off- we made them parade around in their costumes that cost me $30 combined so I'd get my money out of them.

Olivia the wicked witch and Jackson the monster. Both fitting to their personalities most days.

And some thanks should go out to the houses of South Superior- huge improvement on the candy this year. I enjoyed it. A lot.
Fast forward a few weeks (so like a week and a half ago maybe) and we are sitting in weather that's in the 50's. We were putting up outdoor Christmas decorations. I hate doing it and according to Matt I suck horribly and should just sit on the sidewalk.
Olivia dragging the plastic snowman across GRASS!!

Jackson having a special moment with plastic Santa.
Matt really isn't one for decorating or caring about stuff in general so it's always been me to pretty much force the issue. For the kids. And their memories. Which we will continue to do until his life insurance policy discourages him from getting on a ladder to put up icicle lights when he's old and stuff. Then we might hire out.
And Matt has always kind of gone with the flow. But every year we get more and more decorations. And this year- well we hit the motherload. A former boss has given up on the whole decorating scene and has given it all to us. I know. Major. So I pretty much made Matt drive the distance (a little over an hour each way..) to get them.
The best stuff in there??? The gigantic 8 feet tall snowman and Santa!! (The Santa really waves, yall!). Matt could have died. Because every year I have debated on buying items such as these but he hates them with such a passion, I mean he has joked about deflating other people's blow up thingies because he hates them. And my mom always joked that ONE DAY she'd get him one as a gift. And he'd be so mad, but try to be polite and it'd be hilarious. For everyone, mostly me.
So here he is. Trying to get these bastards inflated. And they look glorious once they are up. But here, Santa kind of resembles a drunk, eh? That's ok. That's how we roll in South Superior.
And because it was so nice out, we busted out our sidewalk chalk. Olivia and I colored pretty flowers and such, but Jackson- well he ate a lot of it. It obviously tastes good otherwise the first bite would have stopped him. But nope- after eating 4 sticks, I finally caught onto where it was going and took them all away. Gross diaper after nap, that's all I have to say on that.
But our neighbors have out done us those bastards. So I'm hoping once I pull my Christmas arsenal out (all 6 jumbo rubbermaid boxes not including the tree stuff) I will have more to make Matt put up. I will not be out done. If needed I will buy more. OH!! Maybe I can get one of those inflatable domes! How awesome would that be?!

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Julie H said...

I still have Halloween boxes in my living room. I suck.