Monday, November 23, 2009

Because I know you wanted a poop update

(edited to add: This was actually written on Saturday but it is just going up to day -Monday...I hope- and I will be MIA for awhile as I have H1N1. YAY!!)

Some of you (who know me in real life) know how Olivia and I struggle with her poop. Or lack thereof. To give you a quickie synopsis- basically she will hold her poop for 7+ days until she looks pregnant (see picture below- this is only day 3 of holding it) and then complains of horrible pain, and then proceeds to poop something out roughlly the size of a softball. It could literally been used as a softball because it is that big and hard. Poor kid.

Jackson had to get into the picture action, too. He poops perfectly and a lot. Just like his daddy.

I'm at my end with this. We have tried bribing, threatening, scaring her, etc and nothing has ever worked. We've tried ignoring it, special potty games/books, candy (this was Jackson's favorite), we did a game, I have tried every single thing in all the potty books. Nothing worked.

We saw a pediatric G.I last Wednesday. OK- so basically we've learned nothing new about Olivia's poop or lack thereof. She's full (obviously) and so we are to do what an adult would do to prep for a colonoscopy. Yuck. She's to drink an entire bottle of the miralax mixed into a drink (preferrably Gatorade, but she threw up when I gave her that so I went with Kool-aid and instead of mixing it all once, I gave her a huge mound of the medicine with each cup) and poop until nothing else comes out. They did a blood draw to test for celiac disease and we are waiting for the phone call with results, but they were only able to draw one tube of blood instead of two, but instead of poking her again (because she was screaming "help me mommy" the entire time which makes me feel like complete shit) they are going to use that, and if they need more blood they will call and we'll go to her reg. doctor to do that.

She saw her regular doctor Friday to get x-rays and to basically see how the process is going. And let me tell you- I was nervous. Mostly because even with adult doses of Miralax ALL DAY, the kid only pooped two times. That's it, folks. And it was like wet farts, basically.

So we went. And she is still down 8 pounds which isn't good but guess what? Her X-rays? AWESOME. Girl was empty. Now I can really see how stretched out her intestines and poopin' parts are. :( That's no good. But the best part of her being cleared up is that we don't have to get her poop pumped out. Because that doesn't sound fun, and not only would I not want to do that, I wouldn't want to hold my gorgeous 4 year old down to do that. :( Boo.

Now that she is officially cleaned out we start a new medicine routine. We do 1 to 2 caps of Miralax every day so that she poops one or two times a day, normally. Like not major huge balls, no "leakage" (and that's as fun cleaning up as you are picturing it to be), but normal. Then we start her on more Benefiber. Apparently, instead of the spoonful once a day, she needs it 3-4 times a day. Yikes. This is because girl don't eat veggies or fruits. Like mommy. :) The closest to veggies I get are french fries, because those are potatoes, yall.


So yes. She is so cleaned out. She pooped two times yesterday without crying and strain, no accidents. I wouldn't know first hand because I've been sick and in quarantine in my room, but I take Matt's word for it. But let me tell you- when we left the doctor on Friday, I kept telling her that I knew she could do it, I'm proud of her, etc- and she was BEAMING. Like beaming ear to ear and she was so happy. She was telling everyone about it. My kid is a trooper, that's for sure. Let's hope we don't have to do this EVER again.

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Sara said...

Poor baby!!! What a trooper! I cannot imagine how hard this is for you both. Get well soon!