Monday, November 16, 2009

Cristina rocks my world...

...because she has given me a blog award!

She amuses me daily and I really look forward to all of her posts. And despite the fact that she's a busy gal, she posts at least once every day. So that means she practically shames me in the blogger department, but it doesn't matter because I am a winner. But you know her goodwill comes with strings:

The rules:
Share 7 things that you don't already know about me.
Name 7 other blogs to receive this award.
Leave a comment on each of the blogs I nominated.
Thank the person who gave you the award.

Giddy Up Yall:

1. I wanted to be a singer when I was growing up. Which obviously didn't work out because I can't sing. But I try anyways when I'm cleaning or with my kids in the van and dammit- I know the lyrics to a million songs. At least.

2. I am an absolute SUCKER for mix tapes/cd's. Like major sucker. And there's more to come on that in another blog in the very soon future (like maybe tomorow). But I'm a sucker because when I was in like 10th grade I met a boy online (stop your eye rolling) named Brandon who I thought would be the PERFECT person for me based solely on the absolutly fabulous mix tape I got in the mail from him. Sadly, not only can I not remember half the songs on there, I've lost the tape. Sorry, Brandon- wherever you are. BUT, one of the songs I know for sure was "Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star. Wasn't he dreamy?? *sigh*

3. I sometimes get sick of being a mom. And before you start throwing things, cursing me out, and have your trigger finger on the phone for CPS, hear me out. I love my kids absolutely and unconditionally but SOMETIMES I wonder what it would have been like if I don't know...waited. And sometimes (usually when I've been up in the night for poop blowouts, woken up at 5 a.m when technically I am able to sleep until 7, or when I'm in the house listening to screaming for no reason...) I wish that at that very moment- someone would come kidnap me.

4. I don't drink. I've never smoked. I've never done drugs. I am constantly referred to as the permanent sober cab and have lost a lot of friends because I don't drink. Which is kind of ok because if I have to hang out with them while drinking and they suck when they drink- that's fine by me. I don't like sucky people.

5. I struggle between the balance of work, family, and friends. My family doesn't like me as much as my friends do and I think if they had to write down a list of all of my positive and negatives- you'd get two very different lists. Which is odd because I'm the same around everybody, so explain that! And I work full time and I think the biggest complaint people might have about me is that they don't spend enough time with me. Which in theory, is great to hear people like you and want to spend time with you, but on the other hand- sometimes people forget my life doesn't necessarily revolve around them. Shocker!

6. I like to drive. I don't care where I'm driving- I like to drive. People think I mind driving us to places far away- quite the opposite. I really like it. It relaxes me and I get to sing in the car. And this whole thing is kind of funny because I hated driver's ed and my parents had to force me into the car. Plus, the fact I almost killed us all (my driver's ed teacher and fellow driver, Steve) probably didn't help me much. But I drive ok now and I'm not scared! (Except for the time I almost killed Tammy and I on the way back from Paramore..)

7. Despite what you might read or think based off my blog....I have really shitty self-esteem. I don't see myself in a positive light and sometimes that might come off wrong to people. I don't like how I look, I don't like how I feel, and I struggle daily with getting dressed without crying every morning.

Sharing the Love:
1. Mr. O from A Rush Of Blog to the Head is super. Like he could have the potential of being mix tape worthy. I know- big deal. He is into all kinds of music and I look forward to his posts on concerts because really? I'm jealous he obviously lives in a non-ghetto concert area.

2. Jessica from Alright, Still is awesome. I try really hard not to hate on her for being all skinny and shit. Because I bet she can wear button up shirts without flashing her boobs. But her blog is clever, she has a fashion sense that puts me to shame and if she lived near me I would literally hold her hostage for a make over.

3. Nikolett over at Better Than Coffee is simply cool because she did my header and rocked it out.

4. Finny from FinnyKnits is like the coolest person I have never met. And I know she's all gonna be like, "Psh- I ain't doing an award" and whatevs but I DON'T CARE. Because if she ever made badges that said "finny's whore" I would totally wear it. If she needed someone to plant 800 bulbs with her I would totally do it if I lived closer. But I don't, so 'dem the brakes yo. I feel like she could appreciate my in-person smart ass-ness and would totally join in my public remarks about idiots walking past me.

5. Smile Steady. Because anybody who can continue smiling after dealing with gross people at a dentist office? Awesome in my book.

6. Rhonda from In The World of Rhonda. She's my cousin and I'm making a completely biased choice here. And she's new- so show her some blogger love!

7. Sara from Handy Hooker. I mean, can you really not-nominate someone who unabashedly calls herself a handy hooker? Didn't think so.

Have fun!!


Cristina said...

Glad I rock somebody's world! ;-)

Regarding #3, 5 and 7--you're only human. You're allowed to have shitty moments, days, hell, even weeks! I don't know how you do it; I go nuts when I just have to take care of someone else's pets for a few days. Kids? Lord help 'em if I ever have any!

btw, you and your blog rock MY world!

Jessica said...

Hey Sarah, it's been a long time. Been veerrrrrrry busy with work, that's why. I missed your humorous posts! :)

First off, I understand the feeling of not being appreciated by some of your relatives the way your friends do. It's a real sucky feeling, but at least we have our friends to turn to when our own relatives gossip/talk trash about us.

And hey, about singing, again we're the same! I remember growing up and wanting to be the next Mariah Carey. I listen and sing to her songs all the time. And boy were her songs difficult? You bet they were!

And Sarah, I really, really thank you for that beautiful description. You are so thoughtful! And yeah, I can wear anything and not worry about my boobs, because, well, I'm almost flat-chested! Hahaha. And it would be my pleasure to help you with a makeover. I love, love the idea! :)

Mr O said...

so your list was pretty awesome. Fact of the day: I actually do live near ghettoness when it comes to concerts as 80% of them have been in Atlanta. But its still cool, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

And singing in the car is great. But singing in the car on long road trips is greater

Sara said...

I like to drive too. And I hear you on the mom thing. It is normal.

I think I need to share more personal stuff in case people think I pride myself on my five finger special. :S

Thanks for the award!!! Your list is inspiring.

Rhonda Marie. said...

Thank you soo much Sara for nomanating me! :) I loves you!

Children of the 90s said...

I don't have kids, but I've heard the same thing from my friends who do, especially when they have young kids who require constant care and attention. It definitely doesn't make you a bad mom, you're only human! Becoming a parent doesn't mean you're not also still you're own person.

FinnyKnits said...

I love you, girl - just putting it all out there for us to see.

And don't you know that we all have those moments in front of the closet. I swear at my hips on a regular basis. Bitches.

If I ever go so far as to create Whore buttons, you'll be the first to get one ;)

Thanks, love.

Jandy xx said...

what an awesome post! but you need to listen up missy!!! you should have a much higher opinion of yourself! look how many people come here everyday to ready your great posts, and I can tell you, the comments youve left on my blog have really brightened my day! thanks hunny xx