Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion and Zip Ties

So lambs, I know it's only November 1..and let's not get freaked out but you know that now we're in November it's practically a fast slide to Christmas. I mean, forget about the wasted holiday that is Thanksgiving, I'm freaking out here. Like, I have NO idea what to get my kids. Olivia (4 years) tells me she wants a pack of naked hotdogs (her term for hotdogs with no bun)and a squirt bottle. And they are so young still that Christmas is really all about me, and me buying them cool things I'd like to play with since I'll be playing with them too. Like a lot. And trying to get them to use the toy that I spent a ton of money on. Because it had cool lights and music and wasn't so loud it could make a deaf person wince. ANYhoodle.

But at Christmas, most people send out Christmas cards. (I do, with a letter too. And pictures- but that's ANOTHER story for later). And I typically make cards for people as my side business that supports the buying toys for no reason habit as mentioned above. And my affinity to continue buying ribbon even though I never intend to use because it's too cute. My husband is really sick of seeing me come home with ribbons spools. And jewelry. We've gotten to the point where those things need to be smuggled in. Again, another story for another day.

SO- head over to my etsy shop: to purchase yours today. AND, you should know that all orders come with a little somethingsomething extra. Also, if you want a picture frame personalized or made just for you, let me know. I can do that. Only because you're cool enough to read my blog. ;)

And also- I can't end this post without something kind of funny.
I mean, it sucks you obviously got into an accident. (Even though by the paint on your bumper it looks like you don't know how to back out of a parking space). But zip ties to hold it together? Really? This is like the best you could do? At least you had the decency to trim the excess tie ends off. But dang. How about you save your money to fix that instead of driving your hoopty van-mobile to JCPenney. Just a thought.


Jen Mc said...

Relax! There's still plenty of time to get ideas for Christmas. :) Take a walk through the toy aisle with them.
I LOVE your cards! Wishin' I had some money to buy some... I can make my own, though - right?
That car is pretty funny. Hey, whatever it takes, I guess.
Have a good one!

The Treadler said...

Great eye spotting that fantastic zip-tie solution. I'm in awe of that sort of do-it-yourself, Frankensteinian repair work.

If you notice any creative solutions for rigging a dashboard light I'd love to see. (No way I'm paying retail for anything more that breaks down on good old Trusty Rusty.)

By the way your etsy store is awesome!

Spardha Malik said...

wow that car spotting is great!
there's a word for such 'make-do' solutions in hindi - 'jugaad' its commonly used term for such smart solutions. lol!