Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmases of the Past

OK, so since we're all trying to get Christmas spirity I suppose I thought I do holiday related posting. And every year, as I buy for my kids, I get to thinking about the Christmases of my past and which ones I remember because they were awesome. Only a few REALLY stick out in my head:

6th Grade: My brother and I got TV's for our rooms. Like the little 13 inch ones, but they had their own remote control. Which was fabulous. Even though from my bed I could easily hit the buttons on the damn tv, which was on the other side of the room, because my room was that small. But I remember thinking I was so cool because FINALLY!!! I could watch the late night shows, without my parents knowing, and totally be able to talk about it in school.

8th Grade: The cd player. Wow- was I the bad ass who was like the last kid in school to get one. Even the kids on public assistance got one before me. But what was truly cool was that my mom didn't care which cd's I asked for. I always got the ones I wanted.

9th Grade: A Discman! Again, last kid to get one, but dammit I didn't care. I listened to my Discman every chance I could. I went through batteries like it was nobody's business. I carried that thing around everywhere with no less than 20 cd's at any given time. It was also the year I got the Orgy cd, and I remember my mom saying, "Orgy?! Jesus christ, Sara- this better not be graphic." No mom, no band named Orgy would be graphic. ;)

10th Grade: Oh yes, I got my Led Zeppelin box set. AMAZING. Still have it, love it.

and other miscellaneous gifts I remember getting, but can't remember what year I got them:

1. The Cabbage Patch Doll my grandma hunted all over for the year the big craze happened. I hated it.

2. Oh! One year I got this pink pillow, but it had ears, and a big face on it. I loved that thing. I wonder what happened to it...

3. This had to be 8th or 9th grade when I got the double disc set of Smashing Pumpkins' Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Those discs changed my life. I still have them, the case is literally falling apart but I can't get rid of it. Everytime I listen to it, I think of my friend Allena.

4. I remember in 8th grade I think, getting a pair of brown boots and a red dress with daisies on it. I had the red matching socks that you like scrunched up. I was one hot bitch, let me tell you.

5. I got a pair of jeans one year that was like a size 13 and I was so pissed because I was like a size 8 (I know, I really was that skinny before) and I was like, "You think I'm this fat?!" So I shoved them in my closet. Little did I know, fast forward a few years, I'd be a size 13 and they'd be my favorite jeans. Until I got fatter. We won't talk about my size now.

6. A few years ago, my mom made me a scrapbook of pictures the first year she watched my daughter. And my mom isn't a crafty person per say, she knows I love scrapbooking, but the fact she made this for me- full of pictures of Olivia doing things I never saw because I was working? Priceless. Very touching. I love that book. And I can't believe my mom would take the time to do that, it was probably in the top 5 of gifts of all time.

7. And last, but never the least, the mountain bikes Travis and I got when I was in like 5th or 6th grade. We obviously can't ride bikes here in the winter with the subzero temperatures and snow so they sit in the garage/basement/wherever until Spring. Kind of a bummer. So come spring, my dad takes us out "on the trail" to teach us how to ride a mountain bike. Can you guess what happened to uncoordinated Sara? Well while my dad was teaching Travis the art of braking he told me to "ride slowly down the hill" which to be honest- was really steep. So I figure I could do this. Not even two feet down I hit what turned out to be a half covered barrel. Yup. I proceeded to do mid-air flips, landed on railroad tracks at the bottom and just when I thought I hurt enough, my bike landed on top of me. My dad and brother took their ginger time walking their bikes down and when they got down, my dad made me take off my pants because I said my leg felt wet. Luckily, nothing was broke, nothing was bleeding, I had a bruise on the inside of my thigh the size, I kid you not, a small melon. Like a cantelope. It was instantly bright purplish/black. Gross. And puffy. I had to walk my bike home. I tell can tell you 2 things. 1. I never rode in the gully nor a hill after that. 2. I learned that you should never, ever, use your front brake.

So of all the Christmases I remember- these are the things that stand out. I'm missing a few others, but I totally remember these and love the memories I have of them.


Pesto Sauce said...

My best X'mas memories are from my childhood - building snowman and X'mas tree

Cristina said...

Okay, this list just proves how awesome you are. Led Zeppelin and Smashing Pumpkins? Awesome. And I totally remember those pillow people. I didn't have one, but I totally wanted one.

Jen Mc said...

WONDERFUL gift memories! I remember my Cabbage Patch too - my parents rock!
I hope you all have a SUPER Christmas!