Thursday, December 10, 2009

December might not suck after all

Because it usually does, that's all. December usually blows huge fucking chunks because I'm stressed out and forced to be all well mannered because I'm at various things that require me to socialize. Politely and try REALLY hard not to use swears.

It's hard.

But this month- oh my, might actually be ok. First off- I'm not having a holiday party at my house. It's too much damn work. Plus then I end up eating the majority of the food because people are all frugal and trying not to gain any weight. Whatevs. By doing this, you only make me feel fatter.

Second of I decided that we aren't doing multiple holiday celebrations. No. We're doing Matt's family Xmas Eve, and I'm doing us on Xmas Day. Anybody else wants to see us will have to come here. I have no intentions of leaving my house Xmas Day. Unless my house is burning and even then I'll weigh the options.

Third, I'm going shopping with my awesome friend Tammy. We haven't shopped together in forever but this time we're both broke. Which is code for "we're going to spend a shit load of money, feel guilty, then eat food court food until we feel better". I'm looking forward to it.

Fourth, my AMAZING friend from forever ago, Allena, is coming to Superior next week. I haven't seen that girl since the very beginning of 10th grade. And for the record...that was awhile ago. And we've talked very sporadically through the years since she is in TX and I'm in WI and we're busy with families and whatnot. But holy crap- if we can get together? Will make my year. It'll be a GREAT ending to this dump hole of a year.

Fifth, um, Christmas is coming. I love Christmas. I love decorating but most importantly- PRESENTS! I have been dropping mad hints ALL YEAR for Matt so we'll see if he paid attention. Some things I want. Desperately:

1. Remote car starter (because really?? I hate winter and I hate having to go out in my pajamas to start my van and run the risk of it getting stolen)
2. Kings of Leon: Live at the O2 DVD/CD
3. Gift certificates: Barnes & Noble, True Colors (scrapbooking place), or just Visa. Because I like shopping.
4. Leather mittens from Target.
5. CD's (Alicia Keys' new one, 50Cent before I self destruct, new one from One Republic, Sara Bareilles, etc)
6. Blackberry or PalmPixi
7. Curb Your Enthusiasm and/or The Office DVD Seasons (I have none, so let's start with season 1, mmkay?)
8. A really great kit to learn how to knit.
9. Babysitter...for like an extended weekend so Matt & I can (maybe) go to Vegas this coming Spring.
10. My Dilbert calendar (I get this every's practically tradition)

Oh and there is so much more but really? I don't think I'll get any of this. Actually, I'd just rather get gift cards because I want to shop. I find great deals and I have this insane addiction to jewelry and now shoes. *sigh*

So in order for me to get "in the mood" for Christmas I have to watch the best Christmas movie of all time: Christmas Vacation. I aspire to be that. One day Matt will enjoy lighting our house. This year we are being publicly spanked because our decor? Ghetto compared to the neighbors across the street.

Next year?

It's on like fucking Donkey Kong.


Sara said...

Your Christmas wish list is good. Hope you get most of it! Especially the knit kit!

We do two events, one at MIL and FILs and one at home. It is relaxing. I only have to smile and nod at the in-laws for three hours of the day.

Jandy xx said...

i'm tipping you need that babysister asap, so you can join me in Vegas baby! - matt can come too, if you want!!! xx hope you get everything on your list!

Rhonda Marie. said...

Okay so I can help you out the whole knit thing! I can teach you, and its easy! I make my own scarfs all the time! :)