Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gay Cat + Feral Kitten = Friendship

I've written about Lenny and his ways before. Oh, and here. And I think I spoke very briefly of a new kitten that was coming to our house, unplanned, named Rosie Flower.

Well I should inject right here that Rosie Flower is feral. I don't care what anyone says- that cat was born and her formative weeks were under my mom's porch. Her mom was a pretty cat but scared of people, and she had two brothers one named Stormy and the other Stumpy. Stumpy had a different name originally but after it was discovered he only had 3 legs courtesy of some animal under the porch, the name change was obviously needed. And because my mom isn't a crazy cat lady (yet), and our house (with the gay cat and two kids) is in no shape to handle all these cats. I mean, really.

So the other two kittens and momma cat went to the Animal Rescue Federation. I hope they get homes. We decided to keep Rosie because Olivia loved her, and she's pure white- super cute furball. And purrs like a maniac.

The introduction between Lenny and his new forced BFF happened right after our vacation and actually, it went well. There was a lot of hissing, chasing, and ass biting but really- that's like any other first date. Wait...was that only me?? Moving on...

But now it's been about a month since the introductions and the cats get along really well. Lenny is still very gay what with his humping of our various blankets but I can happily report he has really taken a liking to Jackson's favorite stuffed duck. Sexy time happens usually during our dinner which is just fun too. Tell me my kids won't be confused when they get to Sex Education in school!

And Rosie acts just like a feral cat would- she's bat shit fucking crazy. She eats bizarre things (as Lenny has apparently mentored her to do) such as bread (chews right through the bag), licks pine needles off the floor in the porch, likes the outside of diapers, chews on dresser knobs, and her new thing- chewing the Christmas tree.

They also have taken to laying on the bottom branches of our perfect artificial tree which is now looking lame. Like we may have to cut the bottom branches off because they are flattened to the ground and looking stupid. Like our tree shit himself of branches. Totally dropped a load on the floor. They also lick each other and it's gross and disturbing. I mean, not to be too disgusting, but it kind of resembles the good ole standby of 69. (I see you and your horrified face)

But most importantly- the two cats play together. Unfortunately this usually happens in the middle of the night and that means we wake up to broken lamps, tore up couch pillows, mail spread all over the kitchen, chairs knocked over and occassionally a big and little puke pile. Super.


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Sara said...

I have a gay cat too! Actually he's a shemale. Rosie is beautiful! Love white cats. Sounds like a good time is had by all at your house at night.

Julie H said...

Thinking maybe I shouldn't be reading this at work. Totally did a not so quite HAHA there ;o)