Friday, January 22, 2010

Accolades and Scooters

I have a "raw" post coming for you tomorrow so in order for me to work on that I'm doing a quickie post this evening. (and because you might not get it..."raw" a clue yall! Super sleuths!)

(Folks, this is code for: I'm tired, I want to read, I have no clean socks for tomorrow and we are on the verge of eating bread taco sauce for dinner tomorrow because I haven't grocery shopped in two weeks).
So Mr. O from A Rush of Blog to the Head is awesome. I heart him. I follow him, if we lived closer I'd make him my concert buddy even if I had to hold him hostage. He's just so damn cute I could pinch his cheeks. But more importantly, he has incredible taste in music AND he's given me an award. Which is more than I can say for my husband. He gives me dirty laundry and has annoying habits that are driving me more and more nuts.
YAY!! Are you clapping? You need to clap because I've had a long day and am facing the plight of grocery shopping and I think we all remember what happened last time. But I think am getting this award because I comment on his blog all of the time because he? Is what I was hoping I could mold my hubby into. Obviously, that didn't work. And if we are being really honest here- Matt? My hubby? Doesn't really care for music. No, he listens to ultra conservative talk radio now. I KNOW. I'm like APPALLED at this. This is why we don't let him drive anywhere. And if we do, I have ultimate control over what we listen to. I'd rather have my children listen to Ke$ha over Lew Latto. Good god.
So I have to name 5 people that I think should get this. And it's hard, it really is. I just love everybody and I hate choosing. (Well, that's really a lie. I like choices and choosing especially if I think I'll get my way. ) SO..
First and foremost- my girl Jandy
Sara at Handy Hooker
Danielle at Keepin' It Real
Sebby (even though he laughs at my dream of having a real garden gnome)

These are blogs that I enjoy reading. They are usually at the top of my reading list. Well, after Mr. O, of course.
AND, guess what I forgot that I had on my computer waiting to share! This fantastic picture of a scooter trailer! I had NO idea these things existed. I took this, while driving 88 mph, just outside of Forest Lake I think. Which is by the Twin Cities in Minnesota if you still have no idea where that is or mildly curious where my travels take me. I think it was on our way to see Paramore, but that doesn't matter. But this person is so bad ass to not only own a blue scooter with MIRRORS on it, but they have a fancy pants trailer to bring it everywhere. That, my the American Dream. :)

Now I'm grocery shopping. If I never post again, start checking the Duluth News Tribune for articles related to a Superior woman losing her shit in Super One. Assume that is me.


Jessica said...

Congratulations on the award! Blogworld has been generous all along, don't you think? :)

Danielle said...

Wow! I feel so special that you included me in your nominations for 5 people to pass it on to!!!! I'm new to blogging and I love when people follow my blog or comment on my stuff so it really means a lot that you follow AND enjoy! Ha! What a plus! :)

Thanks! Hope your grocery shopping goes well!

Mr O said...

First of all, yes you are getting the award cuz you comment a lot, which is great, but it's mainly because your comments are often times better than my posts, haha. They are always full of flavor, much like taco sauce bread or whatever you are having for dinner.

Oh yea, I'm blushing at all the good stuff you said. I needed a good confidence boost -- thank you. I still think it's cool/odd/weird/a coincidence/i'm still going with cool that your husband and mine have the same name, yet I would kill go to see Muse and he could care less.

And yes, I would kill. Not a human, maybe a deer (flashback post humor!)

You wouldn't have to kidnap me, I would go willingly. I went to the Paramore concert with a chick I sort of hung out with in high school, and in the few months i've known you, we are better friends than me and her. Plus, someone needs to save you from crazy girlfriends.

Finally -- picture is great. I'm glad you can enjoy awesomeness

Julie H said...

Oh my god my husband listens to that shit too and then gets pissed because I don't care that the government is taking over and we're all going to die with the bad bad hippies.