Sunday, January 31, 2010

Embarrassing Music Collection (otherwise known first Dairy Queen paychecks wasted)

It is with a heavy heart and tired brain that I write this. This entire week I have been in the search of a cd that I know I had in my collection. I wanted this cd because of something Mr. O said in a previous email that I thought YES! I need my Punk-o-Rama 3 cd.

Once you click on the link you can understand why I wanted to find this. It was, still is, awesome. I mean, who can't appreciate a song like "Haulass Hyena" by The Cramps?? I can because it's fabulous.

But the search took me to every hiding place I have for my ridiculous amount of cd's. This is where you'd say, "Sara, how many cd's do you have??" I have over 3000 folks. My cast-offs have been keeping Disc-Go-Round in business since I was 16.

You see when I was 16 I got a job working at Dairy Queen, which you know, not very glamorous but at the time it was better than nothing. Which is really what the other option was because of all the places I applied to Dairy Queen was the only place to call me back. Bitches.

Me (on the right) working for The Man in a super unsanitary and unprofessional Dairy QueenOne day I'll do an entire Dairy Queen post but today- we talk about my music collection. Because while I looked in my car, the boxes stored all over the house, in my daughter's room (I just found my missing Paramore cd next to my Led Zeppelin greatest hits under her bed), my closet, the back porch, under my bed, under my dresser, in the dining room, in the kitchen junk drawer and finally, the box that stores stupid random things I keep for no real reason. (Eventually it might make sense to consolidate..)

But on the journey to find the lone cd I hadn't listened to in years I found hundreds of cd's that I am embarrassed to say I own.

Taylor Dane's greatest hits? Marty Casey and the Lovehammers? (Shut up, you know you liked their song "Trees" on Rockstar:INXS), Jamie Cullum?, Robyn? (And shut your mouth if you didn't sing along to that in 1998 or whenever and pretend you were Sweedish), Monster Ballads (I'm not ashamed per say on this one because I can sing along to ballads of the 80's like it's nobody's business. My friend Jessica and I made a baton routine to "Here We Go"...WhiteSnake. We fucking rocked it out in her driveway), Waiting to Exhale soundtrack (you know you are probably singing the "shoop shoop" song write now..), Edwin McCain?, Bloodhound Gang (and let's be honest- if you own one, you know you own at least two), Cypress Hill? (Not going to lie- totally added "Dr. Greenthumb" to my player to your right.) Insane Clown Posse? (This was before Eminem said they were gay. And I judge the "gangsta" level by what a hot white rapper says) (don't roll your eyes at me- even though he had songs about killing his baby momma you know you wanted to be the baby momma), Schoolhouse Rock? (I am not ashamed that the only reason why I pass 9th grade Civics and 10th grade American Government was this cd. "I'm Just A Bill" anyone? "Three is a Magic Number"? Yeah- don't lie. You are just as lame as I am)

Anyways- but yah. There are a LOT of cd's that I have that I continue to keep because I secretly rock out to them. (Who hasn't sung "Unbreak My Heart" when cleaning??) But I sure as hell would not leave them out in the open. Dang. Just like I did when Britney Spears was all bat shit fucking crazy, I totally hid her "Blackout" cd even though it was awesome. My, at the time, 3 year old was singing to "Toy Soldier".

But how did I get all of these, you ask? Well every two weeks I'd get a paycheck between $200-250. (I was part time, bitches) and would blow it all on cd's from Target. Well, except for my bus pass because I wasn't cool enough to have my parents drive me. Actually, I was all hot shit because I was independent without a license. But I did have a walkman, a green Jansport backpack defiled with stupid shit that was full of cd's, and books. Which was handy because it could also double as a weapon if the people who talked to themselves on the bus tried to get too friendly. I was a hot bitch, folks. I still am but in a different capacity.

Super cute mommy. With a full closet, a random backpack behind me, no flooring in my bedroom and a full basket of laundry I'm refusing to acknowledge.


Nyx said...

So stupid blogger won't accept my HTML :(

So here's the link instead!


oh schoolhouse aren't the only one who lived on it. No judging will come from my corner. :)

Organic Meatbag said...

I used to blow all my money on CDs too, and then, once I was 21, strip clubs... cause you know, I was in my "fuck it" mode...but oh shit, the money I used to spend on CDs, and you better believe I was pawning them to secondhand stores too...hahaha said...

My wife shares your pain. She worked at DQ during the summers off from college.

Chicken said...

Monster Ballads! YESSSSS! I admit to having my guilty pleasure music. All of my CDs were swiped out of my apartment when I was 21. And with that swipe went my Bloodhound I'm all about iTunes.

Another David said...

I love coming across stacks of old CDs! I'm always like "Why did I ever stop listening to this stuff?!" then I play them five times and remember "oh right..." and back in the closet they go

Anonymous said...

I own several of those CDs myself (Monster Ballads, Schoolhouse Rock and Cypress Hill, among others). I also had that same Jansport backpack.

Hope you found the CD. Anything by the Cramps is a must have in my book.

Steph said...

Ah, that CD is a total flashback to this flop house sort of apartment I used to hand around in my late teens. YIKES! I'm so, so afraid to have children.

Anyway, your current discription is awesome and made me LOL

John said...

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The Treadler said...

Seeing the pictures in just this post spanning time I'm convinced you will look like a young person when you're well into your 70's.

Mr O said...

This post was great. You already saw some music I was ashamed off -- Space Jam soundtrack. But I was really into '90s Nu Metal. Korn, Limp Bizkit, Rob Zombie... but I also had the Wild Wild West soundtrack. Haha, those were good times. And knowing every word to the Slim Shady LP is something I should put on a resume.

Please, do a DQ post. That would make my day

Sara Strand said...

@Nyx--MADE my day. Not ashamed to say that I not only sang along but clapped my hands like a toddler.

@Meatbag-You aren't smart unless you copy the cd's BEFORE pawning them.

@Matt H and Mr. O- DQ post coming tonight!

@Chicken,Amber,Steph- we rock. Hands down.

@John- I bet it's the braless picture that hooked ya! :)

Julie H said...

I didn't really get into music until more recently. I'm not quite sure what I blew all that money I made on!

allena said...

Omg, girl! Again, you have me in stitches! I am working my way backward on reading these, (while I'm at work nonetheless) and I had to comment on this one because I remember listening to that Waiting To Exhale CD with you! Regretfully, I no longer have mine. Listened to Sparkle and Fade on my drive to work this morning (promise- I am not lying), and thought about you! Anyway, keep up the great writing! I'm lovin it! (and not in a retarded mcdonalds way)

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.