Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Bizarre Facts About Sara (also known as- requests from the freaks)

So what I've learned in the last week is that I have some bizarre people following my blog. Now, some comments I totally did NOT publish because the crazy level was a bit much even for me.

Imagine that.

But I did get some emails from people who will remain nameless who wanted to know the following questions

1. Where do I sleep.

2. What is on my nightstand.

3. My favorite part about being a girl.

Is it just me, or are these weird? But you know what- I don't back down from challenges, bizarre questions, etc NO MATTER WHAT. Keep that in mind for later lambs.

SO, without further anticipation:

1. Where Does Sara Sleep?

This may come as a shock, but I totally sleep in a bed. A super uncomfortable bed that we were forced to buy and I had absolutely no say in it. It actually was the only bed available in the Duluth/Superior area that had a box spring that was two pieces, thus allowing us to get it into our house. But I'm going to combine a post because Christina posted about her husband's pillow issues and I totally have my own. I have 4 pillows involved every night. One between my knees, two angled and one under my head. That way I feel snuggly. It drives Matt NUTS. I don't care- it's heaven I tell you. (Side note- can anybody tell me why someone would think I didn't sleep in a bed??)

2. What Is On Sara's Nightstand?

Well it's pretty blah. My bottom shelf is empty. The middle shelf is full of magazines I'm behind on. My top shelf are books I'm in the process of reading. The top of the table has my IKEA lamp, my Team Edward bottle (love you, Robert!), my basket of essential goodies (which is like my minty lip gloss, foot lotion, regular lotion, etc), and of course, Cosmo. This month it's about 99 Sex Moves. And if I had a better marriage, maybe I'd be using those. HA!)

3. What Is Sara's Favorite Part Of Being A Girl

Ok, I guess of all of these this was kind of creepy. But that's ok- I can deal with creepy. OK, so those are my feet obviously. Which I'm going to combine this question with the answer AND a huge issue of mine. (This is where I'm letting a little of the crazy out). I take huge pride in my feet. I keep them soft, toes painted, in good shape. It's a big deal to me. Because feet? Gross me out. All three of my boyfriends have had to show me their feet after the first week of dating. Because if you aren't taking care of your feet, yuck. Seriously- it freaks me out. I don't need model feet- just clean, toenails clean and trim.

I have been known to point out gross feet while shopping in the summer. And if you have nasty feet- DO NOT WEAR SANDALS. If your toes look like alien toes (and by that I mean like they have built in suction cups to them) DO NOT WEAR SANDALS. If you haven't trimmed your nails and they are super long or the opposite where a beaver looks like it's gnawed your toenail? DO NOT WEAR SANDALS.

I have a thing about painting my toes. I do all different colors but my favorite? Is what I call "Fuck Me Red". It's the PERFECT shade of red. It's not trailer trash red, it's not the deep scarlet "I could be a paid escort" red- it's in the middle. Love it. When I wear it (like now) I feel sexy.

Other thing about my feet I kind of like, ok love? Are my freckles. The foot on the left side of the picture has a little freckle next between my two little toes. It's like a beauty mark on my foot. Loves it. I've had people admire my feet. I look super cute in sandals and in heels. I can rock flip flops like it's nobody's business. I once had a guy touch my foot in a restaurant because he was like obsessed with them. THAT was weird, but you know- they are adorable. The picture does not do them justice.

OK- so your homework. Ask me questions. Anything goes. Nothing is off limits. Your name will not be shared if you don't want to. Leave a comment to this post by Friday, January 29. I'll compile answers for a Sunday or Monday post. If you want to email me privately- shoot it to: slinkies_r_us@hotmail.com. Seriously lambs- make them good. ;)

And as I'd say in high school-

Afros & Axl Rose- huzzah!


Jandy xx said...

OMG women, you are the funniest person I know... Having a bad day? check out Saras organized chaos.. it'll turn your frown upside down!!!" I think I nearly wet myself about you sleeping in a bed!!!!(TMI??) Oh and the "if i had a better marriage" line... hahahahahahahahahaha!

hey baby doll, i forgot to mention, all my emails got wiped so i didnt get to reply re the book... which sounds awesome, and I would very happily take it off your hands if the offer is still there? hope your wwell buttercup xx

Jandy xx said...

I just wrote a big fat message to you and it's gone :( I had said that you are about the funniest person i know (blogs, email and facebook count as "knowing" someone yeah??!!) I swear i nearly wet my self when you unveiled where you sleep, like shock, horror, she sleeps in a ... bed! and umm, the "better marriage" line... classic!!!! I hear ya!!!!

oh, and my emails got wiped so i couldnt reply about the book, but if the offer is still open, I'd love to take you up on that, sounds awesome!

Hope your well gorgeous girl xx

Jandy xx said...

hahahaha! I just noticed you approve your messages, der, obviously thats the reason my last msg went missing! hahahaha what a looser! xx

Eva said...

Chocolate or vanilla?

Jessica said...

We're so alike, apart from the books and magazines on my nightstand, I also have my night essentials like my astringent and moisturizer. Haha..us, women!

And I agree with you, I get turned off with people who have dirty feet myself.

Sara said...

*note to self* don't show Sara my feet. Know how funny that sounds? Okay, my head isn't on quite right today.

Anyway, why would someone think you don't sleep in a bed?! What other places are there to sleep?! Coffin, batside, in the barn, on the couch, in a tent, on a trailer, on the roof, in a tree, in a bassinet, in a crib, packnplay?!, bathtub, drawer, hospital bed, chair. Okay, I can't think of any other places I've slept or heard of people sleeping.

My question is WHY WHY WHY! Team Edward? LOL What book are you currently reading and what author do you stalk?

Sara Strand said...

@Sara- Yes, Team Edward. Jacob can lick his own pedophile ass. Ew. ;) BUT, I will admit that Taylor Lautner is a hottie and I would have no resevations jumping him. When he's of age, obv. Book I'm reading? Belong to Me by Maria de los Santos and I am STRUGGLING to get through it. BUT I am currently stalking Maggie Stiefvater (her book Shiver was amazing) and of course, Jen Lancaster. She? Is me in a few years. :)

Nyx said...

That is a lovely shade of red...

I too, enjoy painting my toenails. Although, my favorite part about being of a female persuasion would be being able to wear makeup every once in a while.


Jill said...

I found your blog from 20SB :D

My roommate hates feet as well! I love painting my toes. I don't know how you sleep with all those pillows, I only use one! haha

check out my blog if you want (www.lifeaftercollege3.blogspot.com)


Chicken said...

For some reason all of those pillows on your bed make me sleepy. I love extra pillows!!!