Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Randoms About Absolutely Nothing.

I have, literally, a ton of future posts bubbling in my head and since I don't have the photos to complete any of them, we'll chat about my weekend. Mmkay?

  • If you follow me on Facebook you would have seen my Target shopping list this morning: rubber maid bins (a lot of them), bleach, bucket, rubber gloves, chocolate and Pepsi. Which sounds kind of like the shopping list of a psycopathic murder who needs to dispose of a body but no, folks. Matt is still alive, but I have the itch. The spring cleaning itch. Actually- I get these every few weeks and decide that I need to show this house who is the head bitch. (That's me if you're new to this joint) Well I cleaned the house like it is nobody's business. Closets? Organized. Bathroom? Scrubed until my fingers were raw and even the kids were complaining of bleach fumes. Toys? Not tamed, but god dammit they will be.
  • While at Target I purchased a few of the things going into my birthday giveaway. I wanted a theme beyond the "I'm turning 28 and starting to panic about 30 because I'm still cool, right?!!?" theme that is a given.'s going to be a "Sara's Favorite Things Because Oprah Sucks". Nice.
  • But when I was at Target the cashier commented on the candy (it's a hint, yall) I bought. She's all like, "Oh my god!! These were my favorite when I was little. But I hated brushing my teeth so now I have a ton of problems with them" and proceeds to show me her teeth. Folks, I'm not lying when I say I only saw 3. Of course Olivia has a look of horror at this and Jackson starts clapping and show the lady his teeth. So when we get to the car Olivia says, "Mama, is that what happens when you don't brush your teeth?" Yes, dear. Tonight? She's brushing like a maniac.
  • So between the bleach fumes up in here we also have paint fumes. If you follow me on FaceBook (and at this point you still don't- I'm questioning your allegiance to the lamb leader, which would be me. Holla.), you'll remember about a week ago Matt was trying to kill us all with paint fumes. Why all the paint? Why is it taking him fucking forever? All in good time, lambs. ;) Once everything dries, I get my new PAINTING and my new PHOTO on the wall I will do an entire post about the most indecisive paint project ever.
  • I finished the party invitations for Jackson's 2nd birthday party coming up. He gets hosed this year because his actual birthday is Easter which hi- we don't celebrate. OK so we basically eat a shit load of candy and hope to god some restaurant is open so I don't have to cook. Beyond that- um...kind of another day.
  • While I was furiously scrubbing the house, taking out loads of shit (mostly Matt's junk that was left unattended in various rooms) Matt napped. Really? Because what is that even fucking like? And then when I'm all like, "Thanks for being a fucking lazy ass, AGAIN" he's like, "I"m going to paint so shut up" and I'm like, "Right before we go to bed? So we can inhale obnoxious, potentially deadly fumes that will give me fucking nightmares that would scare even Tim Burton? THANKS."
  • I'm so proud of myself- I figured out how to send a picture via text yesterday. Granted, I'm not sure which picture went to who but it said "photo sent". Progress, people, progress.
  • Um.. MUSE is on 3/12 countdown BEGINS.
  • I'm turning 28 on 3/10. SCARY.
  • I need to plan a kick ass, cheap, not super far away vacation. Ideas?

OK so yeah. That's my weekend so far. It sucks, sorry. Oh- I did go out to lunch with my lil' bro yesterday who is fucking hilarious. He's going to hook me up with new tires for my van so I can stop putting air in every other day and pissing off the guy at the Holiday gas station because I can't ever fucking figure out the little gauge thingie and have to have him help me. He'll be happy too.


Tammy said...

Go you for getting down with the cleaning spree! I feel a little motivated to now go home and do the same.....

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Dear Sara,
Please come clean my apartment. I will give you lots of candy.

Also, I think that Olivia being freaked out by the 3 teeth cashier is positively awesome and that the cashier should maybe be on posters warning children about bad dental hygeine.

AND I am still jealous that you get to see Muse. Take pictures.


Rebel Mel said...

I have at least 20 drafts in my posts folder at all times. It's a bummout though, because that usually means at least half of them will become boring to me before I finish them, and in turn, they will never get posted.

I once heard that multitasking wasn't very efficient.. oh well.

Sara Strand said...

@Tammy- Day 2 begins today. My enthusiasm may change shortly.

@Rebel Mel- I have now started my notebook of ideas. Maybe that will help me to stop forgetting everything.

@Dear Krysten- I will totally help you. :) I'm seeing an IKEA trip in my future but in order to go there I need spare panties. I heart IKEA. ;) I will definitely take pictures at MUSE. Just for you, baby!

Monica said...

I had a bit of crazy cleaning myself. My mother-in-law call to come over with some out of town friends under the ruse to pick some oranges. My husband and I (well mostly me) went frantic cleaning this place. I had to store some things in my car because I had no where to put them. Now, I'm afraid to go to my car in the morning.

Happy painting?


Angela said...

Feel free to clean my apartment anytime. You'll be paid in cupcakes!!
Adding you on facebook now!

Sara Strand said...

@Monica- email me and we'll chat MIL's. :)

@Angela- I like vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting. ;)

Green Stone said...

Sara m'dear, I've given you a blog award because, shucks, you're awesome. Here's the post.

Organic Meatbag said...

To answer your FB query about your new followers? Yeah, it's definitely the boobs...

Julie H said...

I think we should be text buddies so you can make me laugh all day! Nothing pisses me off more than Scott sleeping while I clean.