Saturday, March 6, 2010

Are you a WINNAH?! Huh? Are you???

Folks- this was fun. I had like, a lot of entries. Yay. ;) Thank you for all your nice, sometimes inappropriate, and bizarre comments. I appreciate and love them all. This morning we (me, Olivia, and Jackson) did the big DRAW.

Here's the bowl. You all have your names in it. If you pimped me out you had two names in there. (Let's all thank IKEA for selling fabulous bowls with flat bottoms) (golf claps)
So Olivia wanted to go first because she's pushy like that. It took her a good 30 seconds to pick through. I thought that she would never decided. I also failed to use pink marker to write the names on which she reminded me of. Sorry. Blue is my fav and it is MY birthday.

Winner number one is:
MR.O!!!!!! (golf claps and/or fist pumps) Sorry for the less than enthusiastic picture. Jackson was getting into the snacks and clearly her attention is not with me at this moment.

So they started arguing who got to do the next name because all of a sudden Jackson wants to be cool, too. So here they are- fighting over paper.
Jackson drew Winner Number Two: (and kissed it- because he figured this is the appropriate response)
But then refused to show me who it was. He started running away from me and trying to remove his pants. Which, when I found out who it was- was pretty damn funny in the total scheme of it all. So Matt caught him mid-run and made him show me.

CHICKEN!!!! (Inappropriate hand gestures!) (Who, by the way, is getting the GRAND PRIZE, which is just a fancy way of saying she gets the full size bottle of my fav scent because TWO is my favorite number. Slick, aren't I??)

But then the kids were losing interest and Olivia kept saying, "Are we done, yet" to which I said, "Not if you want any lunch. Pick another one. And make an effort and smile."

Winner Number Three is:
AMBER!!!! (high kicks!)

So when I told them that was in and help me clean the mess up...
They started throwing the papers around. Which hi- I ended up cleaning because they ran shortly after this was taken. Nice.

So WINNAHS!!! You need to shoot me an email to: slinkies_r_us AT hotmail DOT com, preferrably by Sunday night so I can mail you your goodies on Monday.

Now for you losers- you aren't REALLY losers in my book. It just means that during my next giveaway, coming soon, the winnahs won't be able to enter. So your chances are better, right?

But in the meantime....I made my *first* attempt at making a button. EPIC FAIL. But I did the really super duper ghetto version and you can find that to your right, underneath my Eclipse countdown. *Apparently* lambs & goats don't play well together which is why it's really hard to find a photo with both a lamb AND a goat. Go figure. And aptly appropriate I suppose.

So there. That's the giveaway. Those are your winners. I've put links on each winner's name so if the losers want to post that "I should have won and not you" messages- feel free. ;)


Chicken said...

I won I won!!! I love the fact that I've never met cute little Jackson, but I've already begun to be a bad infulence on him!

Sara Strand said...

@Chicken- I know. Jackson shoved the thing down his diaper. This is weird.

Anonymous said...

That looks like it was too much fun....I am kinda bummned that I have been on Planet Boycott the internet the past week and didn't enter. (But I got some kick ass souveniers!)

And I am jsut as excited about Eclipse as you are.

The Insatiable Host said...

Winna Winna Chicken Dinna (it's what they say at black jack tables)

anyhow, congrats winners!!!

Sarah, your kids made my kids laugh at how friggen cute they are!!!


Sara Strand said...

@ML- I have my Team Edward shirt ready. This bitch is going to be READY now that I know the 16 year old girls wear homemade glitter shirts. Must. Beat. Them.

@InsatiableHost- My kids ARE adorable. And sassy. And fun. And loud. And have a high pain threshold and..

Sam said...

I love your button! Congrats to all the winners!! It looked like a blast!! Birthday+Wednesday= BIRTHDAY WEDNESDAY!!! And your present should be there by then!!! :)

SurferWife said...

Well shishkabobs.

I thought fo shiz I had this in the bag.

Bah, congrats wieners.

Mr O said...


Very first winner ever!!!

Excuse me while I go pop some champagne

Sara Strand said...

@Sam--- YAY!! I'm super excited now. Come on drunk mailman...bring me my mail!

@Monique-- FYI- I think the word "weiners" is hilarious. I need to use this more. I can't believe I don't already.

@MrO--As a bonus you might want to know that my cat, Lenny, ate your piece of paper AND threw it up on my freshly washed kitchen rugs. Bonus? I'm not sure. Champagne?! Jesus- I'm partying with you. We used to buy the cheapest vodka ever and mix it with Kool-aid ClASSY!

Another David said...

Congrats, guys. I'm just going to sit here and pretend I'm not jealous.