Sunday, March 21, 2010

Food. It's What's For Dinner.

OK so before we get into my menu for the week and how I plan to not starve my family, let's take a minute so I can remind you of the most awesomest, spectacular giveaway! I should also remind you that if you like Jamie's work- buy it! Because you don't want her new puppy to starve, right? I totally advocate walking past the homeless person standing in front of a help wanted sign but doggies can't work yo. Save the puppies!

ANYWAYS. Can you tell my blood sugar must be low? Yeah- I've had next to no sweets today. It's getting scary up in this shiz here.

So I went grocery shopping today and spent (dun, dun, dun...) $62.33 for the week. Which seems like a lot compared to the last shopping excursion, but I have Jackson's birthday party coming up on Saturday so I only got one week of food PLUS the party goods. Aw yea. ;)

So the menu for this week:

Sunday: Ghetto Chicken One Dish
Monday: Build your own sandwich on croissants, tuna salad
Tuesday: Sara's Super Easy Stuff Shells
Wednesday: Beef Stew
Thursday: Cheddar Mac & Beef Skillet
Friday: Spaghetti
Saturday: PARTY (which will have my sloppy joes, chips, apples, my very own salsa dip with chicken, veggie tray..and drinks. Duh. And cake. Yay)

OK so my recipes last time were in HIGH demand, yall. Like I felt bad because I couldn't get them out fast enough. This time? I'm prepared! OK, not really. I'll wing it like last time. So if you want these recipes email me at: and I will get them to you. I will put up a tutorial sometime this week of my lasagna rollers since I had quite a few people email me about this and I will tell you it's the only lasagna I'll eat. Because I'm picky.

BUT. A new thing I'm going to be doing on my blog is ending with a question. And if you comment, I want you to answer it. Since I got my go to book for entertaining company back, The Big Book of If, we get to play along. SO- our question for the evening:

If you had to pick the worst meal you've ever eaten- what would it be?
Easy. My first Thanksgiving with Matt's parents. We had plated everything up when his Dad said, "Just check for bullets" since he killed the turkey himself. I couldn't eat anything.


Chicken said...

Hands down the worst meal e-v-e-r is my mothers rendition of Hungarian goulash. The last time I had it I was about 10 years old and I can still taste the shit in my nightmares!

Another David said...

Will you come cook for me? I just totally screwed up a steak just now and it's making me sad.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh my gosh. Just check for bullets?? I would be FREAKED OUT!

I seriously can't think of the worst meal I've ever had. I know there were a few nights when I was a kid that I sat at the kitchen table all night because I wouldn't eat. But that was less because the meal was bad and more because I'm JUST THAT PICKY.

Sam said...

I chortled and people looked at me like I am nuts when I read the "check for bullets" line. :)
Your menu sounds quirky and fun! What the heck is Ghetto Chicken One Dish?
My worse meal would be when I tried my hand at a sweet romantic at home dinner. It consisted of fish(possibly salmon), lime/cilantro rice, and garlic bread with home made tartar sauce.(Weird combination but I didn't have time to grocery shop, it was a spur of the moment date) EVERYTHING TASTED LIKE FEET. It wasn't anything fancy, but really? Feet?? I worked so hard on it too. :(

Green Stone said...

I purposefully sought out my worst meal. It was at the now closed buffet in the Bay in Calgary (the Bay is a major department store in Canada). It was one of those 'sad elderly people' places where they seem to be dropped off for the day and eat food that is entirely grey and soft. My friend and I ended up having semi-frozen pie, ash-grey chicken with a watery gravy, and something that seemed to be between mashed potatoes and jello. Truly, a horrid meal.

Sara Strand said...

@Chicken- I just threw up a little bit.

@AnotherDavid- Baby, I'd cook for you anytime.

@Krysten- see I am loving how we are both super picky eaters because when we finally hang out- I know we'll find a restaurant easily.

@Sam- just so you shouldn't stir with your foot. ;) I'll explain Ghetto Chicken tomorrow.

@Kate- um..yucky.

Angela said...

My worst meal came from a food court. I ordered a Poutine (fries topped with cheese curds and gravy). The little old man working there topped my fries with shredded cheese, which I can deal with, but then he topped it with gravy and put it in the microwave. The hot gravy is supposed to melt the cheese! You never put fries in the microwave because they taste so gross! Ugh.

Leanne said...

Hi Ho! (No, I'm not calling you that!!!) I'm stopping by from the Lady Bloggers Tea party this week. And your blog cracks me up. My worst - some zucchini lasagna that my mom made when I was, must have been about 10 years old. My mom is a fantastic cook - but this recipe was ALL bad. I remember getting REALLY sick (I know, gross!) after dinner that night. Needless to say, Mom never made it again. LOVE the menu suggestions for this week. Thanks for the great read!

Jandy xx said...

you are like supermum... (sorry, mOm)I'm so excited for ghetto chicken! i'll have copies of recipes if your sending them!! oh, and i can't get your button, like do you wanna be famous on my blog or not, pick up your game woman!

Danielle said...

Ohhh Sara how much I look forward to reading your blogs everyday! I'm stalking your page now trying to find some more interesting ones to follow ... haven't found any in a while! But I think the ones I enjoy all come from your page! HA imagine that?!

ANYWAYS ... worst meal BY FAR was when my mom tried to make French Onion Soup. I mean it is freaking delicious in restaurants, and I've liked it since I was in elementary school - weird I know. But I LOVED it! Well my mom tried to make it for me one time and there was sooooooo much onions and garlic in it I mean it was like if I took an onion and a garlic clove and stuck them in my mouth. It was AWFUL! I felt so bad because it took her a long time to make, but my dad brother and I ... I think we all threw up a little bit in our mouths that night! Needless to say we ordered pizza and dumped the garlic/onion mush in the garbage disposal. Just so you know it stuck in the sink for a day and a half. THAT shows how much she used! LOL!

Love the ideas of questions at the end! How fun!! :)

Julie H said...

LMAO, did you at least poke around for some bullets?

Karls said...

I only found out what a sloppy joe is last night - Micko (the all wise husband) informed me. In-ter-est-ing!