Monday, March 22, 2010

Giveaway, Ghetto Chicken, Alice, Remember Me, yadda yadda yadda

So don't forget- giveaway happening, bitches. I'm serious- I want all of your asses entering into this thing. I am going to be RELENTLESS until you do.

Yesterday I posted about my menu for the week and because I am unfortunately suck ass with emailing everybody back in a timely manner and since multiple lambwhores wanted to know my recipes- I'm posting them here. They are all super easy and if you can read you can cook these. I mean, it's really hard to fuck them up.

Ghetto Chicken One Dish

Chicken- cube it up, cook it.

One package (or more if you're a pig) of the Knorr Pasta Sides. I use the Cheddar & Broccoli because it doesn't taste like shit.

So cook the pasta- add chicken. Done. Yummy.

So I have seen a couple of movies that I've seen that hi- have not told you about. So I saw Alice in Wonderland with my sis in law, Kate. First off, I love Kate. Kate rocks my world. No matter what happens between Matt and I, I hope Kate and I still get to hang out. Because she is so fun and cool. And I'm stupid and silly- see me rocking my 3D glasses?? I am awesome. Anyways- so we saw it in 3D and then this weekend in 2D. Still awesome. We love Johnny Depp. We love Tim Burton. We like to make fun of those around us. It's a win all around.

I saw the Robert Pattinson movie Remember Me with Tammy like last weekend or something. Now I will tell you that if you don't like Robert Pattinson (fucking freak) and don't really *do* romance you can still see this movie. The romance is a really small part of the movie. I cried. I read all of the spoilers, as I do with every movie that I suspect will make me cry, and I still cried. I almost puked at the beginning, I cried during the bully scene, I cried at the end. I cried afterwards when I really thought about it. It was really a fantastic movie because they had all of these characters, all struggling with death and loss in very different ways. But they are all connected in different ways and the way it all comes together is really beautiful. And sad. It isn't fair. But in the end it's about forgiving those who maybe took an easy way out, that don't live up to your expections, to accept people for who and what they are. To know that everything happens for a reason. And maybe you'll be lucky enough to find out why.

So see it. It's a good movie. PLUS some scenes between Robert and Emilie de Ravin are hot. She's hot. :)


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I want to see BOTH of those movies! Alice is playing here in RF at the cheap theater so we might go. By cheap I mean we can get 2 tickets, a large popcorn, 2 large pops AND candy for about $10. LOVE!

Sam said...

I want to go to krysten's theater!! That would be at least 37 dollars here, holy shazam that's cheap!
I want to see both of those movies so bad! I love romance movies, and ones that make me cry are even better. (even though i'm the type to chew the inside of my mouth to try not to actually cry)

Jandy xx said...

was so about to get on the whole pimp out saras blog and giveaway bandwagon, but now i've discovered that it's not even open to us foreigners! pfft! lucky for you, you made up for it by giving me a ghetto chicken recipe (which, btw, i havent tasted, but it's my favorite meal ever purely for the name!!)

Jandy xx said...

btw, still what a lambwhore button for my blog please!

Organic Meatbag said...

Nice glasses, Elton John!

Another David said...

LOVED Alice in wonder land!

And I'm stealing that chicken recipe. But I've never heard of Knorr Pasta Sides... might have to find a substitute

Lady Grey said...

Loved Alice in Wonderland... Love Tim Burton more! I am going to see his exhibition at the MOMA in NYC in two weeks... really looking forward to it!

Julie H said...

Your 3D glasses are way cooler than the ones at our movie theater!

That RP movie sounds depressing.