Friday, March 5, 2010

I Was Tagged Like A Cow. And I Am A Winner.

So Another David (who I know that if I ever made it to DC I would totally stalk him in order to find a midget) tagged me like a cow. Ok so not really like a cow, but just work with me.

What you do, y'see, is go into your first pictures folder, and blog about the 10th picture there.

That brings us to Matt & I in Canal Park, Duluth, MN in March 2004. Jesus christ how young do I look?? I was 22, actually just had my birthday (because my OCD kicked in with my labeling of the folder "Canal Park-3/21/04") I do remember it was fucking freezing. I also didn't own proper winter gear. You'll notice Matt has a real winter jacket on, with a real winter hat, and a hood. I, on the otherhand, and am wearing a windbreaker jacket with the thickest sweatshirt ever. And I still own it, but it's not in good shape. It was really windy that day, as you can see from Lake Superior giving us the ol FUCK YOU. Actually, this one is from our drive to Two Harbors the same day. (This was when we had no real hobbies. We weren't even married yet- that came June of 04. So we did these weekend one day roadtrips.)

Here's another one of the lake. Have I mentioned how pretty Lake Superior is? I really do hope if you ever make a "Places I should visit" list that you include Lake Superior on there. I would totally be your guide. For free even. ;)

And I have also been dubbed a WINNER. Again, lambs. I know- I need a sash or something to wear all these on. Insatiable Host thinks I'm awesome which makes her really smart because we all know that I'm always right AND I'm awesome.
And yes- there are rule. BLAH. But hi- you know MORE about me than my neighbors do (let's be honest here) I am refusing to conform. At least for today.
But I will pass this award on. And I'm passing it on to everyone who has entered into my GIVEAWAY for a few reasons:

1. They are awesome.
2. They love me.
3. They can follow written instructions.
4. They are the people who generally comment regularly as opposed to the freaks who only email me with inappropriate questions.
5. Because if I had to pick favorites I will certainly pick the people who follow directions and will kiss my ass.
SEE- it's like you people won already! :) But have you not entered? Really?! The fucking giveaway ends TONIGHT so you bitches better get yo' shit together, yo.


Chicken said...

Is that ice around the lake? And you thought a sweatshirt would cut it...oh how young you truly were. I actually have one of me on Cannon Beach where I have a winter hat on, but with a least I had one of my options correct.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I never seem to pack warm enough clothes for Duluth - I always assume it'll be the same weather as here in River Falls and I'm always wrong.

Lady Grey said...

Great photo! I did notice you looked a lot more innocent in the photo, must be age! ;)

Anonymous said...

I wrote this haiku in honor of you giveaway...

Sara is awesome
I'm not just saying that to
win her giveaway.

But I am awesome
so I have special radar
for awesome people.

Another David said...

Hold on, now, I make no promises of midget-finding. I ran into one last weekend, but that was it!

Sara Strand said...

@Chicken- Yes, that's ice. And I refuse to bow down to Mother Nature. It's not going to happen.

@Krysten- Totally agree. I'm in Superior which is right next to Duluth so in the summer it can be 80 here, and only 50 in Duluth. Lame.

@Natacha- If more innocent means being half frozen, then yes. ;)

@Amber- somehow my giveaway has made people go nuts. That's unfortunate. ;) heehee..

@AnotherDavid- midgets are like ghosts. Once you find one, they crop up everywhere. Don't be afriad to flaunt your midget radar.