Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weigh In. Folks- we have PROGRESS

Lambwhores and goatsluts- your leader is on her way to be a hot bitch.

To give you a recap, my starting weight was 183.6 (August 09) at which point I was basically doing nothing. Well, except eating a lot of really great stuff that's no good for you.

So in January I bought a fuckmill and decided I was going to really lose weight. And then I did another weigh in report in February but haven't done anything since. And here's where I get honest with you. In March I have been a fucking lazy ass. I missed 8 days of walking out of 18 days this month. I know- you don't need to yell at me. BUT I had really good reasons why. (Book club, Alice in Wonderland, my birthday, uh...some other stuff..) Whatever. I get it. I'm falling off the band wagon faster than Robert Downey Jr in the 80s.

But I'm back on bitches! This weekend being in Chicago really kicked started it for me. Not only did I walk HEAPS (jandy--shout out for stealing your word..) but I also wasn't winded. Which is such an improvement on it's own.

I'm no longer a size 16, I'm totally a size 14 sometimes even in a 12 depending on the brand of pants. Score. I can no longer by shirts at the fat girl store- they are way too big on me. Score.
So let's just get on with the pictures o' progress, shall we?
OK first off, sorry for the grainy pictures. Once again Matt was "tinkering" with my camera and every time he does that it fucks it up and then I have to read the manual and figure it out. It's like dammit- play with your own shit. Jesus. I just bought you new lotion. Don't fuck up my stuff.
Sorry for the derailed rant, yo. OK so here's me after the fuckmill. What I should note is that I am VERY happy I'm not losing ass or hips. I actually like those on me. My ass is toned up- there is absolutely no jiggle. Score. And guess what???? My thighs aren't touching a whole bunch- only a little bit. SCORE.
What else is I've noticed is that my arms are shrinking on their own. Which is weird, but nice. You'll notice my boobies haven't shrunk. Odd thing, though. I'm pretty sure either Lane Bryant changed their sizing or I'm a fucking DD. I think I grew in cup size. Now how in the HELL does that happen?! I really don't understand that. And I'm also not happy with it.

And before we get to my weight for this time...let's review what my goal actually is, mmkay?? And to do that, we need to refer to my 30/30 list (which will be it's own discuss for tomorrow night). My goal was to lose at least 15 pounds. The weight this week?


Lambs- that means I have lost 14 pounds. Bitches, it's time to do fist pumps and pass the Ketel One. That's right, 14 pounds.

But now that I've gotten this far I think I want to shoot for like 20. I actually thought 15 pounds would be a huge difference to what I look like physically and it isn't. Now don't get me wrong- people around me have noticed a significant change. I have noticed a significant change just in energy level, less jiggly all over, definitely more definition in my legs (which looks fucking HOT...I'm going to look great this summer) and I do feel slimmer overall.

My next step is to actually go to Curves. I'm already paying for the damn membership so I'm actually going to go now. I am not kidding when I say I want to look good for my high school reunion coming this August. I was never comfortable with myself back in the day and now that I'm older I feel better about myself in general. Which is good. It's progress.


Veronica M. D. said...

Congratulations!!! Way to be healthy and happy! I wish I could be like you, but I heard this rule about not working out when you're pregnant. Like, I think it's good for you. It's just what I heard.

Karls said...

Keep up the good work chicken! For the record... When I lost my 15-20 kilo's my boobs went from a D-cup to and E... what the?

Jandy xx said...

Oh hun, you look HEAPS awesome! you should be so proud of your self, thats massive! you look hot as! And i know you hate it, but omg what i'd wish for to be able GO UP A BRA SIZE! congrats hun, you'll do 20 easy, and i'll be here cheering you on! xx

Sara said...

Woot woot! Great job! You look great!

Unknown said...

You look great and I am proud of you for continuing on that damn "F-mill". I am determined to get one and walk my fat ass off.....soon.

Good luck and keep going sista!

Danielle said...

I'm gonna be a major hater right now!!! Cuz I'm soooo jealous! You've made HELLA progress! :) Congrats you look great! PS I think its AWESOME that you love your curves! I love mine as well, and I've even lost a lot more of them since having JC ... my ass was HUGE when I was pregnant, and its gone away quite a bit, and might I say my bf is not happy about it! haha!

Good luck with Curves! I have been boycotting the gym lately, but luckily its nice outside so I've been walking the neighborhood - but unlike yourself, I'm still winded .. ughhh you are motivation for me to step my game up! So thank you! :)

Another David said...

AWESOME!! Congrats! You should write that on your Census form ;)

Mama Kayla said...

Way to go! That's awesome! And you look great. My boobs did go down a size though. I'm a D for the first time since before the pregnancy. :-) Those double D's were hard to carry.

Sara Strand said...

@VMD- well I walked when I was preggers. Which was good- it helped me feel not so fat ass towards the end.

@Karls & Jprp- Karls, I say you donate a boob, I donate one, and Jandy can have a full set, we'll even out. Right??

@Sara Danielle, & Erin- THANKS!!

@AnotherDavid- I already sealed my damn census. BUT I did write "thanks for spending my retirement" on it. Does that count for anything??

@MamaKayla- you are scaring me. :(

Holy Hannah said...

Well, Aren't you a hot little momma? You crack me the fuck up on a daily basis and I thank you for that! Keep on truckin. ~ Steph

Mr O said...

I feel like it's been forever since I stopped by here, yet I still know what's going on with your life so that counts for something, right?

I've already said it, but congratulations on the weight loss. It must feel great to set a goal and achieve it. I achieved my goal of being lazy this week and watching Lost.

I just finished my fist bumps.

Unknown said...

Finally catching up with your posts from this week, yeah I'm on vacation and I've been seriously it!

And because I read your blog daily and love it, I have awarded you "The Beautiful Blogger Award". Check it out at:

Shanel said...

Oh girl you motivate me.... I started working out in January too and I've lost 10 lbs.... and I'm so excited about it... love your writing.... you are AWESOME and yes you kick ass!!!!!

Chicken said...

Super job! And kudos for not losing any of the good stuff a.k.a T&A.

Gini said...

WAY TO GO, hottie!!

Veronica M. D. said...

Sara -- I was totally being a smart ass. Everyone tells me to exercise, but just walking the dog hurts my hips. I am such a wimp.

SurferWife said...

You were already hot before you started this and you must keep using the white kitty as an accessory. Makes you look hotter.

Ok, my chelsea handler encounter happened and I don't see you reading about it on my blog. I am going to harbor a guess that you missed me on her show last night, too?

Thanks a lot.

Sara Strand said...

@HolyHanah- what is fucking me up is that your name is Steph but you have Hanah in your name.

@MrO- OK so I should put up on here that you're my blog bestie so people don't think you are creeper stalker. ;) Loves ya! (and I think if you're being lazy you should be doing like a foot pump or something with your leg. FYI)

@Erin- YAY! Thanks- I'll check it out tonight!

@Shanal, Chicken, Gini- Thanks bitches!

@VMD- I knows that- but you just wait until month 8 and every time you move you inadvertently starting moo'ing. ;)

@monique- NO! I didn't watch last night!!! FUCKING DISH NETWORK!! And I have done my blogs yet today. I'm coming baby!

Anonymous said...

Good job girl! I wish I could motivate myself to do that. But I already feel like I am a hot bitch. LOL!

And I forgot to tell you that the first song in your playlist is a karaoke classic for my bestie, Megan. It is the funniest shit ever!

Toulee said...

Two things.

1. Good job with the weight loss, you're cute as always. And awesome job gaining a cup size :)

2. "I can no longer by shirts at the fat girl store-"

The next time you decide to make an error and just ignore it, I will stop reading at that point. (Yes it bugged me that much)

Sam said...

Congratulations! Your looking great! I love the white cat, it gives the same effect as if you were posing on one of those bear skin rugs. You know, the one with the head and the open mouth? Or is it a tiger? Whichever. Keep the cat. :D

Deidre said...

You look great! 14 pounds is very impressive :)

Ann said...

Woot! Woot! The fuckmill is paying off! You might actually motivate me to get off my lazy ass...