Friday, March 26, 2010

A Winner, Two More Chances, Panties, and Terrible Two's

So let's not wait any longer to announce the winner of Jamie's FABULOUS artwork. If you have been living under a rock for the last week....well you suck. The winner is...
.... BEVERLY!!! Girl- that's awesome! OK so you left me your email address so I will pass it onto Jamie this evening- so watch for that.
But for the rest of you can still be a winner! That's right. Don't forget Jamie has ANOTHER giveaway happening over at her blog so hustle bitches. And then, my girl Krysten is having a giveaway as well. Krysten is rad, lives not too terribly far from me and we WILL MEET before she gets all sassy and moves to Florida. But no worries....because her and I going to get rich, she's going to buy Scott Storch's mansion and then I'm going to move in. It's going to be fab.
Now, for those of you who haven't been to Insatiable Host's blog (which is hilarious) you may not know about the Panty Pyramid she's started. Basically you go to the Panty Pyramid blog, let her know you want to join. She'll get your deets (panty size, address, preferences, etc) and enter you. Then when she does her next shipment out, you will get a pair of panties in the mail. THEN, you email her to let her know you got them and she gives you the deets on other chicks- and you mail panties. Get it? Yes. So let the fun begin! I got my FIRST pair in the mail today:
So I took a picture of them to showcase my plans for the evening. Yes- I've got my chocolate, my Pepsi, my Pier 1 candle that smells like strawberry kool aid, my chapstick, and my iPod. Appropriately on Cobra Starship's "Hot Mess". But aren't they cute?? They are sheer and I am in love with the bow.
But earlier today I've been dealing with my just about two year old, Jackson. I love Jackson dearly and without going into too much detail on the blog- Jackson and I share a special blog. There is a reason I got pregnant with him at probably one of the worst times in my life. He was what I clung to and I can't even tell you how happy this little boy makes me. But my little man is turning two and hitting the terrible two's. But I firmly believe three is a horrid year and two is nothing. Which scares the shit out me because Mr. Man is showing some really interesting behavior.
Today, he couldn't get two of his lego's to snap together. He got frustrated. So I'm like, "I feel you baby...let's fix it together" and I get a "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and he promptly runs into a corner shouting "no". Um...ok. Fuck the lego's then. So I did what any parent such as myself would do.
I grabbed my camera.
and got a few snapshots of him in fine form. I mean my little man had real tears. :( Plus he has a cold so I'm sure that's contributing to his crankiness but really. How does your heart not melt when you see this face?

Tomorrow is actually his birthday party since his birthday falls on Easter this year. I have gotten about half of the prep done tonight and have a little bit more to do. Then tomorrow his party is at four. But do you think I get a break?

I have to clean the house before the party (party is not at my house) because I won't have time to do my normal Saturday cleaning routine later. Then the kids are going to see the Easter Bunny, I have to hit the post office, pay bills, pick up cake, pick up balloons, return a book to the library, eat lunch, and load my van with party junk. All by noon. YAY. Then Jackson goes in for his nap at one so he is happy and ready for his party, get the kids ready for the party and then be over there shortly after three to get food out and ready.

It's times like this that make me wish I had a cape.

ps) tomorrow's post? Will be my 300th post. Scary.


____j said...

I know this is kind of creepy/random, but I used to be kind of obsessed with Scott Storch. HA!
Hope Jackson's birthday party goes smoothly and that you get everything you need to have done in time [sending good vibes your way].
I will send Beverly an email soon. Thanks!

Sam said...

Ahh...poor guy, I think its hilarious that you took pictures while he was so distraught, if he were selling something, you better believe I would buy as many of anything he wanted if he gave me THAT face. :)

SurferWife said...

So, how does it really feel to get undies in the mail? That would be a new one for me.

GL with the party tomorrow. I barely have patience for my own kids let alone other peoples kids, so it's a REAL fun time when I throw birthday parties for my kids.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh poor Jackson, lol. One day he'll be old enough to understand blogs and then he's so not going to be happy with his mom for posting this ;-)

Good luck with the party lady!

Kayla said...

Your little guy is so cute. I hope his birthday party goes off without a hitch!

Anonymous said...

Poor thing. But it could have been a lot worse. When my niece was 2 she had this phase where she threw everything. Yeah lego to the eye would have not been fun.

And you know that the panties will just encourage you get your Hot Mess on. Oh Gabe, you have turned all us girls into a class act! LMAO!

Hope that the Bday party goes well too.

Morgan said...

Not kidding, my eyes teared up at that last pic. Poor little guy!

Btw, I died laughing on your FB status from this morning. That kid sure does entertain all the emotions!

Hope the party went well!

Green Stone said...

Bahaha, hey, getting out the camera would be my reaction too.

Terrible twos, terrible threes, just wait till the terrible thirteens!

Ashley said...

Awh, he's a cutie.

Another David said...

As a former 2-year old boy, I'd just like to say that sometimes, stuck together legos are worth crying and running into the corner.

Nikolett said...

Aww, my haert really did just melt ... his eyes are so big and watery! Happy early birthday to him! And ooo 300 ... this is Sparta! Congrats on the milestone :) Oh! And about the buttons ... what were you thinking? what kind of designs and such? :)

Amber said...

Would seriously kill for that chocolate right now. Look out. *rawr*