Sunday, April 18, 2010

What We Did The Weekend: Sara vs. Matt

This weekend was super duper busy, as is every weekend in April apparently, and I felt I was pretty damn productive. Things I did:

I made cards! I made a bunch for me to keep and a bunch for the Etsy shop. (By the way- the kids would like to eat lunch next weekend. But stuff HERE)

Probably the most fun I had was getting my nails done and my FIRST EVER pedicure with one of my bestest friends, Lisa. Lisa is getting married next Saturday, in Mexico, and because I can't go to that I'm doing as much pre-wedding stuff that I can with her. And I have to say, I've known Lisa almost eleven years and every year she would plan out her wedding even though she wasn't engaged. Or close to it. (I also heard about the hot dog tattoo she wanted but never got...) and I've got to be honest. I'm pretty bummed that I don't get to go see her get married, not because it's in Mexico on a beach, but because the time she's actually getting married? I don't even get to see her plans laid out. So yah, I'm bummed. BUT I get to do something special with her on the 30th (when she comes back) so that will be great. But while she's gone I get to take care of her babies, two adorable kitties - Mr. Daisy and Tulip.
But here's my pedicure (sorry for the turned picture..) (and side note- it's really hard to take a picture of your feet. They look WAY cuter not on the floor. Anyways)
I also went shopping with my mom and got a HOT pair of black heels. I'm so excited it's ridiculous. I'll try to wear them this week and get a picture for you. they hurt like hell but they are so awesome looking. *sigh*
I also did 4 loads of laundry, typed up recipe cards (more on this Friday....), got 3 packages ready to go, sorted through printed pictures, started a new book, talked to a really good friend on the phone for over an hour, talked to a friend from high school online long time Friday night/early Saturday morning, cleaned the kitchen, the dining room, vacuumed the living room, washed the porch windows, cleaned the bathroom and laundry room, and got rid of stuff I don't need. Overall, I didn't do a ton but I felt like I did. Success.
Matt, on the other hand, didn't work this weekend which sucks money wise but I know he needed the break and that is fine by me. On Saturday night he went out to his parents because his dad had the lead role in the community rendition of Hello, Dolly! and so I was alone Saturday, which was nice but weird. I'm not used to having NOTHING to do. So I went to bed early. It was glorious.
But today, after Jackson's nap he had taken the kids to the park while I was loading things into my Etsy shop. After I was done I saw the kids in the yard but no Matt. So obviously, I run out there. No, Matt is out there- he's on the garage roof.
You remember the garage, don't you? Well it had a chimney. It leaked and was a pile a shit much like the rest of the garage. Matt apparently got fed up with the leaking and threat to fall down so he took it down himself. That pile? Is the chimney.
So what we now have is a massive hole in the roof which I'm sure is covered in wood which we all know will do wonders from keeping out the rain anyways. I don't even need to watch the weather to know it will likely rain for an entire week straight now that we have a massive fucking hole in the roof of our already dilapidated garage. *sigh*
I swear to you, the only reasoning I see behind his destructive for no reason ways is that he thinks if he just destroys it out of the blue that I will suddenly shit $8000 for a new garage. Or $1000 for the new laundry room. Whatever. It's like seek and destroy in this house. And frankly? I'm so tired of it I can't even fight about it.
So Matt- if by chance you read this, and I doubt you do otherwise I'm sure you would have piped up about the last garage post: STOP TEARING THE FUCKING HOUSE AND GARAGE APART. WE CANNOT AFFORD NEW STUFF YET.
So how was YOUR weekend?


Danielle said...

What a pretty pedicure!! I got my first one when I was pregnant with JC because let's be honest when you're about ready to pop you'll try anything to pass the time! I LOVED it, unfortunately, like most of us I'm not made of money therefore I haven't had one since then! Congrats on your productive weekend! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cards, and I already checked out your etsy shop! Everything is so pretty! I worked on some cards as well, and I'll post pics later on if I'm feeling ambitious!

I checked out your guest post on tweeded and I loved it! :) I'm going to try the recipe - hopefully this week, but we'll see!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh. My. God. I read the garage part to Dustin because he didn't believe me. And then I told him if he ever does ANYTHING like that he can sleep in the litter box.

Sara. Seriously. WTF!?!

Another David said...

I thought that's what chimneys were supposed to look like

Blue Disastrous said...

Wow! It sounds like you did a lot anyway! And who knows.. If the garage falls over, you'll get a winning lotto ticket. As everyone wishes. Hehe. And your cards are sooo cute! ^_^

Green Stone said...

Aaagh push him off the ladder and get him to stop fucking around with stuff!

Ps: love the owl card!

Sam said...

So does Matt actually fix anything? It seems as of late he is just making messes. Break his knee or something, bet he wont get back up on that ladder any time soon. :)
Productive as heck weekend if you ask me, I would love to be able to get that much cleaning and laundry done, this whole working for a living blows.

Julie H said...

I'm pretty sure men's minds just DO NOT WORK like women's lol. Scott spent the whole day yesterday moving crap around to mow around it. When he pushed everything back at the end of the day it didn't really look much different.

rachaelgking said...

The hottest shoes ALWAYS hurt like hell. ;-)

Lady Grey said...

I love your Etsy store... you make some awesome stuff... look out for an order from me ...

Anonymous said...

Hum....well, at least you got a bunch of stuff done and were productive. I was as well, just not as productive as you were! It does feel good though, doesn't it?