Friday, May 7, 2010

Domestic Bitch Friday, episode 3

It's Friday, bitches! For the newbies or the lambwhores/goatsluts with their heads up an asshole this is when I tell you about a recipe I've tried this week, a project I've done and give you links to some freebies.

Recipe: Slow Cooked Pork & Apple (courtesy of some Campbell's cookbook I realized I had.)

Your ingredients: 2 cans of cream of chicken soup*, 1/2 cup water, 1 tbsp of Worcestershire, 2 apples-sliced, 1 onion-sliced, boneless pork chops.
*it actually calls for cream of mushroom soup which I think tastes like what I assume ass would taste like, so I substituted cream of chicken.
Pretty much mix it all together and cook it on low for 8-9 hours or high for like 6 hours.
That's what it looks pre-cooked. Sorry- we ate it before I thought about taking an "after" picture. My bad. But it was good. I don't eat cooked apples so I only ate the pork and we served it with rice and cornbread. Delicious.
My project is embarrassing. Seriously, lambs/goats. My scrapbook closet has been OUT.OF.CONTROL for awhile now. The closet is in my dining room and has doors, which is fabulous because before I cleaned it, this is was the scene:
And we also have a six foot folding table which is the spill over work area for me and then where Matt sets up computers when he's working on them in the house. That scene was:
It took me, and I'm not exaggerating at all, 5 hours to clean and sort this. If this doesn't constitute "project" I have failed you all. But here is the space now:
My desk area to the left. I have my stamp pads put away and loose stamps (the ones that don't come in sets) are put in glass jars. Love those. Then I have boxes for ribbon, adhesive, and rubons. The blue/green container are all my eyelets, snaps, small do da things. Oh, and the picture taped to the shelf under the blue/green container? A pic of me and cardboard Robert at New Moon. Love you baby. ;)
This is to the right. The white basket is full of ribbon (this is basket/box #3), next to that are photos and things to scrapbook. On my desk area is my work-in-progress basket, more stamps, a huge vertical container of 12x12 pattern paper and another one for cardstock. Every thing is sorted by theme and/or color. Obviously.
So the view when you open the doors is this now:
Then I had to sort my drawers. Which was horrible. My most used punches are in here, along with small jars. Full of confetti. Organized by theme and color. Don't question my crazy. And cinnamon sticks for Xmas projects coming soon...
And here is a drawer full of Etsy projects coming soon.
My top drawer full of 3D embellishments, the paper crimper I've never used, Olivia's stamp set, my stapler and tape, and a small bucket of weird odds and ends.
Oh. And our spill over area. All clean.
So I found a few freebies for yall:
Dove Hair Care- HERE
Free Pedometer- HERE
Free Medium Beverage at Dunkin Donuts (just for YOU, Danielle!!)- click on the photo that says "free medium beverage"- HERE
Nivea Lotion or Body Wash- HERE
Dr. Scholl's For Her- HERE
Ok so that's all I could find in my exhaustive three minute search on Google. Tomorrow come back I have gotten a few more questions so I'll answer those and IF YOU WANT TO ASK MORE QUESTIONS, LEAVE A COMMENT HERE OR EMAIL ME AT AND DON'T TELL ME I DIDN'T GIVE YOU CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS.
Sparkle rainbows and colorful shit to you. :)


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I love free stuff. Even if I don't have a need for it, if it's free I love it. Especially since Wells Fargo is holding all of my money (we're talking over 2 grand) hostage. Can you find a way for me to get my bills paid?

Danielle said...

First of all let me tell you how jealous I am of the millions of scrapbooking supplies you have! WOW!!! I'm not talking about all the stickers and 3-D embellishments I mean you have SUPPLIES! Stampers and punchers and ribbons and stamps! I have so far to go, but I've been buying a "little" at a time ... see my post to see my newest additions! However, I need to step up my "puncher" game and other bigger supplies! Any ideas on where to get cheap stuff?! Let me know! :)

Finally, the Dunkin Donuts thing?! Girrrrrrrllll you know me too well! I WILL be using this! :) Check out my blog tonight I have something special for ya ;)

Morgan said...

Ooo, you rock! My feet can't wait to get those insoles! xx

Another David said...

That looks delicious, but I do NOT have time for slow cooking!

Alpha Za said...

wow... you have alot of stuff.

Kristen said...

I'm new to your blog... and this was a fun way to get to know you a bit.

Gay guy friends are the very best!!! You absolutely 100% need one- the shopping is amazing!! And it's kinda fun to check out guys together...

Julie H said...

I spend all my "free" time in the yard or doing dishes and/or laundry. Oh and playing on the computer. No time for organizing ;o)