Friday, June 25, 2010

Domestic Bitch Friday- Cancelled This Week

Yeah- I'm a slacker. I can't be tamed, yall. And it's my prerogative.

I had a really busy day today and although I managed to do stuff, I feel like a bum. I'm also really tired and my ankles are covered in mud and grass clippings. It's really sexy, let me tell you.

And tomorrow I am up super early again for try #2 on the yard sale. Since today was completely rained out. Fucking mother nature. Oh...and I just heard thunder. Fucking whore.

Anyways. I'm going to shower, get stuff ready for tomorrow since not only do I have my yard sale, I have a birthday party and a wedding reception to go to. All before 5pm. Oy.


SurferWife said...

GOD. You lazy ass slacker. You should keep up your Friday feature every week.

I was too lazy to do mine today, too. Really. We are twinzers.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

God Sara, WTF? Seriously, I needed free stuff and you're totally not delivering.

Anyway, I'd totally come visit your garage sale BUT I am in Hayward doing all things Musky Fest. And meeting my brother's new girlfriend. And being the scary older sister. Ha. I love my job =-)

Nikolett said...

Geez lady ... you should be called Super-Woman Smart Ass Sara for having to accomplish all that before 5pm. I salute you and hey ... I think you could make mud and grass clippings sexy ... yesiree :D hope you get to relax soon and I'll be your lady website-wise come the end of July!

Anonymous said...

Yard sales fucking blow. I have them because I have to have them, but I hate having them - ya know?

But, it beats doing shit, right? Naw, I love doing shit.

Wait, what?

Annah said...

You can't be tamed? What're you Miley Cirus? Too funny. Good luck on the yard sale!!!!!!! I went to sleep at 8:00 a.m. from too much partying and I'm D_E_A_D. Typing this from the motherfucking grave.

Sam said...

I did cash in on those Starbucks ready brew things from last week, yumm-o!! Hope the yard sale goes/went well!!

Rebel Mel said...

Funny, I couldn't post my domesticated friday this week, either, because I have been pressed for time and stressed out due to a custom etsy order. What are all the domesticated readers going to do this week?!