Friday, June 18, 2010

Domestic Bitch Friday: Episode Nine (A.K.A. Kicking a Hot Pocket's ass)

It's that time bitches! I am taking you into my crazy and ho- what a week I've had. Mel started it and I play along because contrary to popular belief, I am capable of playing nicely and not throwing sand.

Stay tuned for tomorrow where we see an episode of Toddlers Gone Wild.

Anyways. So let's get this bitch rolling, shall we?

Camocare Anti Aging Cream: HERE
Aunt Flo samples: HERE
Hugo Element for Men fragrance: HERE
Beech Nut Toddler Kit: HERE
Baby Barn Samples: HERE
Starbucks Via Ready Brew: HERE
Bath & Body Works 2oz Forever Sunshine Sample: HERE
Free appetizer at Outback Steakhouse: HERE

Project/This week's menu:
-Grilled hotdogs and had chili cheese dogs. Yum.
- Chili Macaroni
- Pizza
- Skillet chicken served with wild rice and corn. And cornbread.
- Cheeseburger Calzones*
- Chicken Pot Pie

OK- so some of you wanted to know my Chicken Pot Pie recipe and it is SUPER easy. Basically cube up some chicken, cook it in a skillet, seasoned with salt, pepper, and Mrs. Dash. Once that's done, throw in two cans of chicken gravy (or in my case...three-- I had a LOT of chicken) and a half of bag of frozen mixed veggies. Let that kind of simmer and cook on the stove. Meanwhile- spray a 9x9 or 9x13 baking dish- load up your chicken mixture. Top it with refrigerated biscuits. (Separate them into their circles and then place on top of mixture.) Bake in 375 degree oven until biscuits are browned. DELICIOUS. (Serve with rice if you're like me.)

Anyways. This week's recipe is my cheeseburger calzones from the menu. For the record: I am a Hot Pocket slut. I can't help it. I love me a pepperoni Hot Pocket. Matt likes others but we have an understanding that the pepperoni are mine.

But I found a recipe in a book for a calzone and it looked just like a Hot Pocket.

Basically- brown some hamburger. Mix in some onions and half a jar of spaghetti sauce and a handful of mozzarella cheese. Heat on the stove until warm. Take your refrigerated biscuits and roll each one into a 6 inch circle. Spoon a little mixture into one half, and fold the other over. Use a fork to seal the edges. And then bake at 375 for about 15 minutes. See? YUMMY.
And I will say for the record: they are a THOUSAND times better than a Hot Pocket. During dinner I was thinking of all the variations I could do with this. I am only slightly ashamed that I ate two. Matt was thrilled AND the kids ate it so you know it was good.

So I mentioned last week I might be hosting a giveaway based on Domestic Friday stuff. And I am. I will post all of the details AND the prize next week. on your Domestic Friday skills. (Hint, Hint)


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I am totally making those calzones for Dustin, he'll love them! You rock Sara!

P.S. Thanks for the text, totally cracked me up!

SurferWife said...

Aren't we Sara Fuckin' Lee?

I have tried pot pies a few different ways but not with biscuits. How fun and easy is that?

I am a hot pocket whore myself.

AaronBillyMacHarlan said...

OK I have to admit that I usually skim over the Domestic Friday blog entries because I'm just not the domestic type, though my boyfriend may wish differently. But those 'calzones' look so damn good I just want to print out the page and have them served up with a couple of garlic breadsticks! Will you just make some for me and UPS them to me? Really they're making my mouth water...

Lady Grey said...

The calzones are awesome, I have to make them ... I hope they work on the bbq since that is all we using with the kitchen renovation...

Dugaldo said...

Damn girl you throw a little sass in that spice mix don't you. I know where I'm comig when I'm hankerin' for some baked goods.

Jen said...

Damn, why am I here reading your blog again when I should be studying for an exam tomorrow??
Um, obviously because you're much more interesting! OK, going now...

Nikolett said...

Homemade calzones trump Hot Pockets any day! And I got so excited for those samples until I saw they were all valid in the US and the Bath and Body Works one specifically said "not in Canada" ... ahh phooey, we're just to the north! lol. And I owe you an e-mail, sorry for being MIA! I have a store website to complete in the next couple of weeks but hopefully I help you out with your things after that, if that's okay!

Anonymous said...

The picture makes me hungry, and that sucks because I am actually starving right now. I plan on cooking this up sometime this week!

Thanks girl!