Monday, June 7, 2010

Interview on a hotel bed.

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So right when I knew I was going to have to quit my full time job because of various issues- number one being my sanity and number two lack of child care, I knew that I couldn't just stay at home all day every day. I'm a people person. Not a people pleaser, but I h ave to be around a variety of people.

Plus it gives me stories.

So I started applying for anything that was part time and I didn't care what the wage was, I just wanted something for a few hours a week to keep my brain moving. So in the span of three days I applied for five jobs. Three of them I got interviews for right away. Literally the day the received my resume.

The Bank
Wow- these ladies were bitches. There were three women interviewing me but as soon as I walked in I got that "I don't want to be here" vibe. No real reason- I just got it as soon as I walked in. Number one- it was a 20 minute drive from my house. Normally not a big deal but everything around it was lame- so I would never be able to do any shopping around there to kind of justify it. Then the teller had no clue how to find an application that I apparently have to fill out. No big, but annoying. Then the person who comes out to get me for the interview doesn't even acknowledge me. She points and waves me over. Weird. The entire entire NOBODY talked. The one lady who waved at me answered questions but other than that nobody talked. Nobodies face changed. It was eerie. I couldn't wait to be done with that interview AND at the end they ask you why you'd like to work here. Well I had to be honest, so I told them, "I didn't really get a friendly vibe so I can't say as I would be interested in working here. Thanks for your time anyways" and I got the hell out of there.

Funny thing? They called me Friday with a job offer. So they are apparently dumb too. Did they think I was joking?!

The non-profit
Well I nailed that interview. I got a call on a Sunday evening to come in for an interview and the guy was so nice. As soon as I walked in there I knew that I had this job. It would have been exactly what I was doing at my last job but it was part time. And it started at $11/hour, AND had full benefits for part time people. Not that I need them, but it's nice to know they are available in case something changes. So that interview was fabulous- two people plus one person on a tv.

All three of them absolutely loved me. I had them laughing, I had them asking me questions not on the interview sheet, and the guy hugged me when I was done. Seriously. AND-- the local woman had to excuse herself to pee half way through. I think that's a good sign. I had such a great vibe when I left there- I knew I had it.

And I did. They offered me the job within an hour of leaving. Unfortunately, it was 30 hours a week which is a lot more than I am able to do so I had to turn it down. I felt horrible and bad because I wanted the job. AND they really wanted me. Sads.

The Hotel. On A Bed.
I also applied to a hotel for a front desk position that was only 12 hours a week. Perfect. AND the hours were mostly weekend- even better. I drive to the place and as soon as I walked in "ghetto" pops into my head. First off- the guy who runs the place doesn't even say a word to me even though I am handing in my materials. Another front desk person tells me they need me to fill out the application, no problem, so I do it in the breakfast area. Wait- in the dirty breakfast area.

Once I turn it in this lady who is like the front desk manager wants to know if I can stay for a first part interview. Er...ok. So she takes me into a hotel room and says, "We'll just do this on the bed." Which is EXACTLY what Matt told me on a date once. Scary. So obviously this is weird and suddenly I am wondering if I am applying for something different. So we're sitting on this bed and in my head I have the Death Cab Cutie song "Brothers on a Hotel Bed" along with Don Henley's "All She Wants To Do Is Dance" going through my head while I wonder if I should put my legs/feet up? Should I lean back? What exactly is the etiquette for interviews on a bed? Anyways- turns out this lady is a neighbor and we talked about the drug dealers in the neighborhood. She is laughing hysterically and I get the feeling that we would be great friends. She then tells me she is going to pick "the best of the worst" of the bunch for the general manager guy to interview.

It's at that moment that I decide that I don't want to be a part of an interview on a hotel bed with a guy. So I gave her the indifferent "Whatever works" and I haven't heard from them since. But that was like two weeks ago so who knows.

The best part is she told me I'd have to train on all of the shifts including the night auditing shift, which would be no big. But she's like, "Would you have a problem calling the cops on people or banging on their door to shut up?" Um-- NO. Can I do that? Are you hiring for just that? Because I would excel at that.

The other place
So I interviewed at another place that was kind of last minute and rush rush. It's a campus bookstore and I got the job. I knew I would- I nailed it. So far, so good. It's only a few cents an hour less than what I was making at my last job, which I think is hilarious. Considering my last job thought I was paid too much. They never said it, but I knew it- they just didn't have the balls to come out and tell me that's why I didn't get a raise. Hi- I'm not stupid. PLUS I can hear you since my desk was right next to the office. Duh. Anyways- so I'm getting paid great, it's about 16 hours a week and we'll see how flexible it really turns out to be. The work atmosphere is fabulous, my new boss seems to be cool. I have a cool girl training me in. So far, everything is awesome.

Through my last few weeks I have learned a few things:
1. Some people aren't meant to interview. If you don't have these skills, please don't interview.
2. Everyone asks the same questions. And 90% of them aren't necessary.
3. Employers love me. And of the five apps I sent out I got four interviews. The fifth place called for an interview but they changed the job to full time so I knew that wasn't going to happen. But the lady I spoke with was bummed because she thought I would have been a candidate for the office manager in training position. Which sucks- because I would have rocked that. BUT..can't do it right now.
4. People like me. I am super personable and can get along with just about anybody. I think this says something about my last job.
5. I enjoy talking about myself. And am apparently good at it.
6. Job seeking is a lot easier now than it was when I was fresh out of college. Maybe it's experience? Maybe it's the "I don't need this job anyways" mentality I've got going on? I don't know. But whatever it is- I hope I don't lose it. ;)

So yeah. What was your most memorable interview?


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

The best interview I ever had was either my Maurices one (because seriously, my boss Shannon is AWESOME) or when I had my first interview at Borders bookstore. That interview was awesome because I basically sat with one of the managers discussing my favorite books. It was so fun!

Another memorable one was when I interviewed with Perkins. I came in and basically was told I had the job before they even asked me anything. Then they proceeded to tell me all about the most notorious regulars, hehe. I sort of miss that job!

Jennifer Kay said...

Quite a few of the blogs that I am stalking are getting a little lame so Imma need you to post more often, okay? Cuz this one...hilarious. I work in HR and interview people for a living and I try to keep it as real as possible; we're not in high school. Dude, on a bed though??? Yikes.

Shanel said...

I've been on 17 interviews in three years... I hate my damn job... and I am so over the interview questions... they are all the same... I just had a phone interview last Friday and the lady asked me if I was married and why my house was so quiet... she's not supposed to ask about marital status... so unprofessional but I let it slide... glad you found something that fits what you need... this post was the funniest taht I've read in a long time.

Danielle said...

Oh my goodness, the interview on the bed?!?! Ridiculous! I loved when you said I was thinking "what is the right way to sit when being interviewed on a bed, do I lean back, lay down, etc" hilarious! Because I was thinking the same thing!

I would say my best interview story would be when I interviewed at a Dry Cleaner's that my friend was working at, at the time. She told me to come in to see my manager before I went to my summer class and I did. He asked me a few basic questions and I filled out an application. I was sitting there waiting for my friend to come out and he goes back behind the wall that split the waiting area from the dry cleaning area and says "yeah, no question. Definitely." Then she came out and goes well you got the job and he came out all red in the face and goes "well, I had no idea you were waiting for her to go to class, so yeah ya got the job!" :) I was super happy! Even though that place was literally a sweat shop! :)

Anonymous said...

I just turned 18 and had graduated from high school. My mother told me I HAD to get a job for the summer and I didn't want to. To appease her I applied to Sonic Drive In when they first came to my town. I had an interview and I came in (really trying to NOT get the job) fresh from the beach fresh with wet hair, short shorts, wet bathing suit and flip flops.

I landed an assistant managers position and I had never worked a day in my life. The boss (he was like 30) chased my tail for two years. He ended up marrying a chick who was two years younger than me who worked as a carhop.

Aw, memories.........

Sam said...

My favorite job interview would be the one i'm at now. I walk in around 5pm after my shift at the pizza place and walk up to the cashier who just happened to be the owner and say "Hello, I was wondering if perhaps I could have an application" and the owner said, "Do you have a car?" and I reply, "Yes" and he says "Cool, you got the job, I want to get the hell out of here" so I ended up having to work the rest of the shift by myself with about 15 minutes training on the register, thank god its not hard and things are clearly labeled, because his training sucked. :)

Veronica M. D. said...

I have to say, back when you were all mysterious and hinting and whatnot and said you had an interview on a hotel bed, the first thing that popped into my mind? BUNNY RANCH.

Sara said...

On the bed?! Bwhahahahah!

Sorry, but the hug at the end of the interview would have creeped me out.

I interviewed a ton of people when I first got my current position. Phone interviewed. Jon was listening and he was all, "Man, you are hard on them." I like people who give definite answers and aren't wishy washy, so sue me. :D The one guy I hired, I met him at Starbucks for his interview. He still thinks I'm weird.

Another David said...

It definitely helps having experience. Finding a job right out of college is like fighting for a steak against sharks.

My most memorable - and most disastrous - interview was with Capitol One. I had already passed their little math test, but I knew I would, I mean, I was an econ major. So I go to this "test case interview" right after an upper-level stats lecture... huge mistake. They give me problems involving very simple solutions like finding the average, but I'm over thinking the whole thing, looking for standard deviation and other stat doodads. Bombed. Absolutely bombed.

Chicken said...

YAY! Something better is always around the corner. Hmmm I still have doubts that the hotel bed wasn't a Dateline under cover investagaion. Chris Hanson was about to pop out and show you all of your online dirty IM's.

Julie H said...

I had an interview in a hotel room before! I think the guy was sitting on the bed too! It was for when they were opening up our Wal Mart. People were lined up for days. I wanted weekends off so I didn't get the job!