Sunday, June 6, 2010

Productive Weekend.

So this weekend I was actually pretty productive. As I bragged about on Facebook I got three weeks of groceries (3 meals per day and dessert on weekends) for 104.93. I also got an entire month of household supplies, a new movie AND summer clothes for the kids at Target for 147.81. I had over $70 in coupons. BOW DOWN.

Anyways. We also did yard work which sucks donkey balls because our yard is huge. Having a huge yard is fabulous when you have people over or need to make your kids run so they sleep hard through the night but it sucks when you have to maintain it. I'm not speaking with authority since I don't mow or weed whack but that's only because Matt never wants to show me. Whatevs. But I did rake for like 10 minutes. And I hate raking.

More importantly- we filled up the little dinky pool for the kids. Which I have to do way early in the morning and hope the water warms up because our hose water is seriously MAYBE 40 degrees. It's ridiculous. Olivia could care less- she just jumps in. We had to literally force Jackson to sit down. He was not happy.
Here's Olivia "tanning" as she puts it.
Jackson eating string cheese with his hands that have been in the pool water. *GROSS*
You'll notice neither of my kids care that their butts are hanging out of their swimwear.
I don't know what Jackson is doing. He's started this thing where he's really concerned about what is in his pants. At his two year old pictures yesterday (two months later than should have been...) he really wanted to hold one butt cheek. *sigh*
And then today? He tried to pee on the cats. He takes his pull up and pants off, runs free towards the cats and tries to pee on them as they run. Seriously? Is this normal boy behavior? I don't know. So I thought it was Rosie peeing on rugs but now I'm wondering if it's Jackson. I don't know- it's probably her.

Speaking of Rosie- I hate her. Her moaning is un-fucking-bearable. Matt is unwilling to do the q-tip thing again and frankly- I don't blame him. It WAS kind of gross. But more hilarious than anything else. Tomorrow she is going to the vet to get all of her shots and then we are scheduling her to get fixed. I am hoping that by getting her snippy snipped or whatever they do to cats with vaginas it will make her:
1. Shut the fuck up while I'm trying to sleep.
2. Stop peeing on the laundry room rug and Jackson's coats.
3. Stop being a freak.
We'll see. Seriously- her pee smells like burnt electrical wires. Is that weird? Matt thinks it's spray but I think it's pee. What a bitch. Olivia says I shouldn't yell at her and that I should say "pee goes in potty" but somehow I don't think Rosie cares. AND she keeps eating my fucking plants. Annoying.
Anyways. So tomorrow I'll be more "with it". We'll see. I feel like I'm getting sick and that sucks. Seeing how it IS June after all. But I'm achy, sore throat, and generally feel like a fever is coming on. Super. Oh- and new stuff coming to the Etsy shop soon. ;)


Anonymous said...

If I had money I'd be employing you as my personal grocery shopper.

Then again, I think my picky eating prevents me from being a savvy grocery shopper.

Jeanette said...

They're adorable!!

Jennifer Kay said...

My son just turned three and "what's in his pants" is still his WHOLE world. I don't know where they learn it's his favorite toy.

Jaime Hungry said...

Oh god I hate cats and I'm so glad that I'm allergic and can never get stuck with them.

Jandy xx said...

where to start?!! sooo, ive spent my morning getting up to date on your blog, umm WOW! theres a lot to get up to date about! so firstly, youre kids are sooooo damn cute, sometimes i think i'm cool with not having kids, but then i see Olivias cute little face and everything changes!

But more importantly, hunny youv been having some big changes hey! I'm shocked at how youve been treated by friends and by your work, but as cliche as it is, everything happens for a reason, and look where you are now, the "old Sara" happier than you have been for a long time. Sounds to me like you made the right choice, well done gorgeous, i'm so happy for you, your inspiration to me, truly you are xx

Anonymous said...

Love love love that last picture of Jackson - fucking priceless!

Oh, and they actual give female cats a full hysterectomy. All there junk taken out. Rosie will quiet down and will probably stop pissing on stuff, but she will also get REALLY fat.

Ella did, I had to put her on special food for her to slim back down.

Good luck!

Gini said...

Maybe Rosie's a size queen and a brush handle would've worked better? ;)

Christina said...

Your kids are so cute!!

Awesome job on the shopping savings! I try to use coupons but every shopping trip I always spend $200+!

Sam said...

I think your ailment is just a normal seasonal thing because three people I know woke up Sunday with those exact symptoms!
As for Rosie not being a freak once she's fixed, good luck with that, I have a cat that refuses to go number 2 IN the litter box. She goes pee in the box, but decides to poop right next to the box...shes fixed, and she eats the baby's breath out of flower arrangements, and dog food, and chases things that aren't visible to the human eye and may not even be there for that matter.
Good job on the shopping, I wish I could save money like that. If you ever come to Florida there may be a personal shopper position available if your still needing a job. :)

thotlady said...

Sounds like a busy weekend.

I also hate to do yard work, but love a good looking yard. Now, how to get one without doing the other? A conundrum. But I will continue to ponder until I come up with a solution.

Ann said...

Two things:
1--your kids are freakin' cute.
2--thank God you posted about your cat again because I missed the Q-tip debacle. Fucking. Hilarious.

Another David said...

And yes, peeing on things is a normal guy thing. We like to pee on things. Couldn't tell you why, it's just fun. So he's figured it out at 2? Good for him.

Another David said...

You and my friend Tom would have a great conversation about coupons. He probably spends half of his time at work looking for coupons, then goes to Harris Teeter and gets like $50 worth of groceries for $3.50. Then he takes pictures of the food and receipts to prove it, and brings it to work, where he looks for more coupons. Incredible.

____j said...

I know how you can fix your cat problems for free.....

Get rid of her.