Wednesday, July 7, 2010

30/30 List UPDATE. I'm only kind of a failure.

Tonight, lambwhores and goatsluts, I am going to go over my 30/30 list to show you the progress I've made and what my plans are.

So here it is:

1. Go kayaking- DONE

2. Go parachuting- DONE

3. Go on a sailboat ride

4. Write a book-- in progress

5. Take the kids to Disney World-- DONE

6. Try snorkeling again- try not to drown

7. Learn how to play one song on a piano

8. Take a road trip with friends- coming up this month

9. Go to Las Vegas

10. Run a 5K-- I'm training. Kind of.

11. Learn how to knit something- DONE (see below)
12. Attend my 10 year High School reunion - scheduled for August 2010

13. See 10 concerts before I’m 30-- I'm down three (Kings of Leon, Paramore, and Muse) (another KOL and Muse concert is happening very soon..)

14. Go on a helicopter ride

15. Dye my hair

16. Trip to another country (Canada counts)

17. Lose at least 15 pounds- DONE (update...very soon).

18. Go camping. Outside. In a tent.- happening in August.

19. Visit the Grand Canyon

20. Wear a bikini (preferably after losing the weight)

21. Read 200 books before I’m 30 (this was revised once I realized it's impossible for me to read 8 books a week every week until I'm 30)

22. Create a family tree book for the kids- working on it.

23. See the Northern Lights

24. Go tubing and/or canoeing- happening in August.

25. Take kids to the Wisconsin Dells--tentatively scheduled for summer 2011

26. Hike through the sea caves in the winter

27. Road trip weekend with Matt to anywhere- DONE (this is my trip to Hayward to meet Krysten & Dustin)

28. See a waterfall I’ve never seen before

29. Try skiing

30. Be happy

Dear Finny,
So you'll notice I have "knit something" crossed off. While my cousin Rhonda was here she was determined to teach me how to knit. Apparently her high school made you learn and this only brings me more shame because I never had home ec. It's a long story but switching middle schools between 7th and 8th grade is the reason why. The bonus? I had two years of shop class and I still can't read a tape measure, so there.

Anyways. She tried to teach me with those stick thingies and even she said I suck. I pretty much ruined what I was trying to make even though she told me what I was doing is the easiest thing ever which is impossible to screw up. Well- I screwed it up and my yarn kept falling off my stick.

THANKFULLY- the fabulous gal I used to work with who was determined to get me to knit something and not be a failure apparently anticipated my failure and got me this for my birthday this year:

And I'll be honest- this does look like a vibrator I own. But I assure you- this is not a vibrator nor has it been used in any non-knitting way. But it? Is like my new BFF. Why?

Because I??

Knitted a scarf in one night. Literally in two hours I had an entire scarf done. Then Rhonda went and bought one of these thingies and made herself a scarf. So here we are, saying goodbye at the airport with our scarves.
YAY! I'm not a total failure! But I? Am now completely addicted to this little tool thingie. I'm scared of the sticks and all of the fancy tricks because I can't remember to move my stick forward or backward or which side of the hole to put it in and yeah. It's a good thing I don't have a penis because I'm almost positive I'd fuck that all up somehow.
The bonus is that I used almost no yarn at all so I have three massive balls of yarn. I'm certain I can make literally, 500 scarves with it all. Minimum. (Who wants a scarf?!) The only thing I'm not happy about is that Rhonda had to tie my ends so it didn't fall apart because I suck at knots and stuff. I seriously can't sew a button onto my pants----I just throw them out and buy a new pair. That might be on my 40/40 list.
Tomorrow I'm going to do a weight loss update since it has been FOREVER since I've done this and guess what? I have not only hit my 15 pound mark but I've kept it off. Even though I've seriously been slacking on exercise- but that is all going to change very soon. I'm pretty damn happy about it- but I'll post more on this tomorrow.
So there you go- I am not slacking on my 30/30 list....I think I'm making decent progress.


Danielle said...

You go girlfriend! You've made so much progress, and looks like you have plans for a lot more in the near future! That's awesome! :) Congrats on knitting!!! It's so hard! I have a cousin who can knit, and everytime I see her doing it I'm so jealous, but I know there's no way I can do it! haha! :) So good for you!!! The scarf is super cute! And you look fabulous! :) Congrats on reaching your goal for losing your weight AND keeping your curves!!! It's a hard task to do! I didn't do very well at it ... I lost my weight but I also lost a lot of my ass lol so that's still a work in progress! :) I'm also glad that you're back with blogging, I worry about you when you're gone! haha! Good thing I don't have your cell number or else I would be all up in yo shit! :) xoxo

Jandy xx said...

you are doing so much better than me, a lot of mine were things I wanted to do with someone, and well now I can't, but I am looking forward to crossing number 9 off with you in May??!!!! and I am so first inline to buy your book!

what colour (I did spell that right, thats how us Aussies spell it!) are you going to dye your hair?

Congrats on loosing the weight, though I think your gorgeous and would totally rock a bikini no matter what you weigh! xx

Blue Disastrous said...

Oh my gooses!! I'm so proud of you! One by one, knocking things off your list! It is nice to know that someone who says they fail (which you don't, by the by) can actually accomplish things. It is happy happy. :3
Keep up the progress and you'll be done in no time! ^_^

(..A scarf? Really? :D)

Miranda said...

Yay for motivation my biznitch! I might as well confess that I will be stealing your 30/30 idea. I hope you can forgive me.

And ps I want a frickin scarf! Hello - Michigan is Wisconsins sister in the winter. I need to stay warm! I can't blog with hypothermia!

Glad things seem to be going smoothly on your end. How's the new-ish job these days?

Cecelia Winesap said...

Awesome list! I'm stealing #30 for mine! :p

Sam said...

Oh yes...I agree with jprp, number nine will be fantastic!! I'm so excited!!
Glad your doing well on the weight loss thing!!
I tried to knit once and it looked like I Was having seizures and almost stabbed myself at least three times, but your scarf looks amazing and that little doo-dad seems super helpful.
And lastly, I definitely think for the song your going to learn on piano, it should be Bella's Lullaby. :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

And now you can teach ME how to knit! Because that's on my 101 in 1001 list! Yay!

Congrats on the accomplishments Sara! And thanks for reminding me I need to get moving in my 101 in 1001.

Sara said...

YOU KNIT A SCARF!!!! Yay! :D Great job on the 30/30 list. Now I gotta go check mine.

Chicken said...

Have I told you lately that you ROCK?!? I wish I'd thought of a 30/30 list like 5 years ago. But doom and gloom 30 is coming on Sept 5th...uh huh me and your dear child are twins :)I'm going to create a things I've done by 30 without trying list. Oh and do I smell a scarf giveaway?

Unknown said...

Great list... and great progress! Knitting is a PIA, in my opinion. It takes me forever to finish a scarf, perhaps I will have to get one of those doo-dads that isn't a vibrator.

FinnyKnits said...

Firstly - YOU KNIT A THING! WOO! I've never tried one of those gadgets (being a user of "sticks" myself), but if you can knit a scarf in two hours with it, well, I might have to try one. Congrats, you big list crosser-outer, you!

Secondly - Did you say you were training (sort of) for a 5k? Like a running one? Are you knitting and running?? Are we separated at birth?

Scary. And, I need to hear more about this...

Morgan said...

Nice work on the scarf! It takes me 1-4 years to complete one because of my inability to complete any project without moving on to another. lol

And nice work on your other accomplishments! YOu're surely on your way to finishing this list!

I have a few tips for you:
#7 - Try "Favorite Things" from Sound of Music - it is one of 3 songs I know how to play, in company with Yankee Doodle and Shave & a Haircut. Considering the simplicity of the latter and how fun the lyrics are, I think that it is a brilliant choice.
#14 - combine with #19 - that sounds pretty kick ass
While doing #19, check off #28 - seek out Havasupai Falls, I've seen photos and it looks magical
#30 - remember that the fun part is the journey, not the destination - if you want to be happy, smile, laugh, and enjoy. My favorite fortune (that is on my fridge in a mickey mouse magnet frame from Disneyland) reads: "Seek happiness and you will find it" which to me translates as, if you want to be happy, BE HAPPY. We'll never have a point in our life where we don't have everything exactly as we want so we must choose to be happy anyways.

SpiritPhoenix said...

Looks like you've been quite busy lately. ;)

I'll take a scarf if you have any extras. And you don't even have to tie it off. Just use a pencil or something and I'll have my mom do it. ;)

Hope you're keeping cool! Smooches!

Lady Grey said...

I just want to see the Northern Lights, definitely also on my list. I like the scarves, that "thing" you used doesn't look like something I would want my kids playing with! ;)

The Treadler said...


You have NO idea how much you made my weekend. (I'm only just now catching up to this post because it is momentarily cool enough in my home that I can risk turning on the computer without fearing it will burst into flames.)

So, I meander to your blog and YAY!! You've knit yourself a scarf!! And, at a record-setting-pace. (Somebody may need to get herself a spinning wheel to keep up with her yarn needs:)

You can make "chains" with that thing and create yourself a "Jacob Marley" scarf. Would that not be awesome? Picture of what I'm thinking at this link: